Letter of Intent (MA)

Guidelines for writing your letter

Master of Arts in Communication

  1. Font times new roman 11.
  2. Single line
  3. Margins should be 2 cm minimum.
  4. Maximum of 500 words.

Please describe with references to scholarly work a description of your proposed research (for a research paper or thesis) which will allow the select ion committee to assess your candidacy better.

The letter of intent must include: 

  1. Your motivations to pursue graduate studies in communication.
  2. The problem or question you are interested in.
  3. The objectives of your research.
  4. Context: Locate your research in the context of relevant literature, explain the relevance and originality of your research and the likely contribution to the field of communication, and also specify the theoretical approach and framework.
  5. The methodology: specify your methodological approach.
  6. The selection of a potential supervisor in the Department of Communication (you can choose a maximum of two names). Please include any other information that might help the selection committee to assess your application better. Please write in a clear, structured way using simple language.
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