Com & Tech Innovations Lab (CTI-Lab)

Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Com & Tech Innovations Lab (CTI-Lab) was founded in 2017 following the initiative of several researchers and professors. The main objective of the CTI-Lab is to promote the emergence of innovative communication methods and strategies for various forms of organizations. To achieve this, CTI-Lab is a space for experimentation and creation of knowledge. One of the objectives will be to incorporate a participatory approach, which means collaborating to support the co-design of communication strategies, exploitation, mapping and visualization of public data to propose innovative solutions to public authorities and organizations. CTI-Lab’s mandate focuses on the creation of a space for interaction, collaboration, and co-design involving researchers, students, citizens and organizations to tackle complex and multi-faced problems.

Student’s integration

The CTI-Lab has for objective:

  • To offer students of all cycles a space of collaboration, exchange and training in the field of communication and information technologies;
  • To offer the possibility for students to work as assistants of research or volunteers (CSL) and to participate actively in the researches led within the framework of the laboratory;
  • To allow students to present their work/research during workshops and to offer them a space for exchange and collective reflection.

Don’t forget the first Communication Hackathon (March, 15 2018) organized by the CTI-Lab

For more information about the CTI-Lab contact Sylvie Grosjean or visit the website.



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