Constance CROMPTON


Constance CROMPTON
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

2012 - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Textual Studies and Digital Humanities, University of Victoria
2011 - Ph.D in Communication and Culture, York University
2006 - MA in Communication and Culture, Ryerson University
2004 - BA in Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University

DMS 11154 - 55 Laurier Avenue East

Office: 613 562-5800 ext. 3841

Work E-mail:

Constance Crompton



I am a digital humanities scholar with research interests in linked data, data modelling, code as a representational medium, queer history, and Victorian popular culture. I co-direct the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project with Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson University). I am the vice-president (English) of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities/Société canadienne des humanités numériques and an associate director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (University of Victoria). Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, I was an assistant professor of Digital Humanities at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus where I was the director of the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies' Humanities Data Lab.

Select Publications


Constance Crompton, Richard J. Lane, and Ray Siemens Eds. Doing Digital Humanities: Practice, Training, Research. Toronto: Routledge, 2016 (408 pages).

Chapters and Articles

Constance Crompton and Michelle Schwartz, “Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada: Representing the Dyke Dynamo.” Digital Studies/Le champ numériques. 5.1 (2015). n.p. 

Constance Crompton and Michelle Schwartz, “Shaping Queer Authorship: Canadian Women at the Intersection of Art and Activism.” Place and Space: Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere.  Ed. Ruth Panofsky. Edmonton: U of Alberta P, 2015 

Crompton, Constance, Cole Mash, and INKE. “Playing Well with Others: The Social Edition and Computational Collaboration.” Scholarly and Research Communication, 6.3 (2015). n.p.

Constance Crompton, Raymond Siemens, Alyssa Arbuckle, the Devonshire Manuscript Editorial Group, and INKE “Enlisting ‘Vertues Noble & Excelent’ Across Scholarly Cultures: Digital Collaboration and the Social Edition.” Digital Humanities Quarterly 9:2 (2015).

Constance Crompton “Staging Gentility at the Columbian Exposition: White Masculinity on and off the Midway.” Meet Me At the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader. Ed. Celia Pearce, Laura Hollengreen, Rebecca Rouse, and Bobby Schweizer. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University, 2014.

Constance Crompton “Embodying the Solution to Degeneration: Eugen Sandow’s Effortless Labour.” Nineteenth Century Studies 26:1 (2012).

Emily MacKinnon and Constance Crompton. “The Gender of Lying: Feminist Perspectives on the Non-Disclosure of HIV Status” UBC Law Review 45:2 (2012).

Constance Crompton  “Dissimulation and the Detecting Eye: The Role of Female Masculinity in ‘A Scandal in Bohemia.’” Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 7.3 (2011).

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