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The Department of Communication offers an Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism jointly with Algonquin College (in English) and with La Cité (in French). The Department of Communication will provide theoretical, analytical and critical foundations, while courses at the college will focus on practical training. The program is ideal if you are looking for the perfect balance between journalism theory and practice.

There are two ways to complete the degree requirements:

  • Register for the Honours bachelor's degree at the University and, after completing 75 credits (five sessions), transfer to Algonquin College to complete the diploma program in journalism. Because of space limitations at Algonquin, the University can only accept 25 students in this stream. In addition, upon completion of 75 credits at the University of Ottawa, you must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 6.0/10 (70%) to be admitted to Algonquin College.
  • Start by completing two years and obtain the Diploma in Journalism at Algonquin College (a minimum average of 3.0 is required) and then transfer to Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism the University of Ottawa to do five more sessions (75 credits). The University has no registration limits in this stream.

Upon completion of your studies at Algonquin College and at the University of Ottawa, you will obtain two certifications: the Diploma in Journalism from Algonquin College and the Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism from the University of Ottawa.

Admission procedure

Students starting at the University of Ottawa

Students starting at Algonquin College

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Honours Bachelor of Digital Journalism

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