Student Experience Committee


The Student Experience Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Council regarding:

  • initiatives that enhance the student experience within the Faculty of Arts;
  • the development of guidelines and best practices within the Faculty of Arts that promote student success and enhance the student experience;
  • the identification and development of opportunities for student mobility, career development, and other initiatives;
  • the application and interpretation of academic regulations, policies, and procedures related to its mandate.

The Student Experience Committee is responsible for:

  • preparing and updating, with the administrators of undergraduate and graduate studies, the general Faculty Handbooks;
  • preparing and updating Faculty guidelines around student experience;
  • establishing subcommittees, as required, to handle particular issues related to its mandate;
  • Submitting an executive report of its activities to Faculty Council, annually.


The Student Experience Committee consists of the following members:

  • the Vice-Dean, Students, who chairs the Committee;
  • the Vice-Dean, Governance and External Relations (ex-officio member);
  • five (5) elected representatives from Faculty sectors: one (1) from Fine Arts, two (2) from the Humanities and two (2) from Languages and Literature. These representatives are elected by Faculty Council for a term of two (2) years. Terms of office begin July 1 and are renewable once;
  • a full-time undergraduate student registered in the Faculty of Arts delegated by the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts for a term of one year;
  • a full-time graduate student registered in the Faculty of Arts and delegated by the Faculty’s GSA for a term of one (1) year, renewable once;
  • the Student Experience, Academic Development, and Retention Supervisor or a delegate from the advising and mentoring staff, who serves as an advisor and takes minutes (non-voting member).

The Committee meets on notice of the chair.


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