Program committee


The Program Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Faculty Council concerning:

  • admission requirements of the Faculty’s programs and measures required to limit, if necessary, registration in certain programs;
  • the structure, content and learning outcomes of the Faculty’s programs;
  • admission requirements, structure, content and learning outcomes of interdisciplinary and joint programs that involve the Faculty of Arts;
  • the decolonization and Indigenization of programs;
  • the internationalization of programs;
  • the development of academic regulations, policies and procedures related to its mandate, and their application and interpretation.

The Program Committee is responsible for:

  • receiving and handling undergraduate and graduate program modification and creation requests from the Faculty’s academic units;
  • approving program modification requests, as per the parameters established annually by Faculty Council;
  • preparing and updating, with the administrators of undergraduate and graduate studies, the Faculty’s course and program offering (known as the “calendar”) in accordance with decisions taken by Faculty Council and Senate;
  • to submit to Faculty Council, monthly, the minutes of its meetings;
  • establishing subcommittees, as required, to handle particular issues.


the Program Committee consists of the following members:

  • the Vice-Dean, Programs, who chairs the Committee;
  • the Vice-Dean, Governance and External relations (ex-officio member);
  • five (5) elected representatives from Faculty sectors: one (1) from Fine Arts, two (2) from the Humanities and two (2) from Languages and Literatures. These representatives are elected by Faculty Council for a term of two (2) years. Terms of office begin July 1 and are renewable once;
  • a full-time undergraduate student registered in the Faculty of Arts and delegated by the Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts for a term of one year;
  • a full-time graduate student registered in the Faculty of Arts and delegated by the Faculty’s GSA for a term of one (1) year, renewable once.
  • the administrators of the graduate undergraduate studies offices, who also alternate as secretary of the Committee to take the minutes (non-voting members).

The Program Committee meets upon notice of the chair.


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