Awards of Excellence

The Faculty of Arts presents each year the Awards of Excellence to recognize outstanding students, professors, and graduates of the Faculty of Arts.



Distinguished Teaching Award

This award is presented to a regular professor in the Faculty of Arts who has excelled in teaching and has made a significant contribution to enriching their students’ university experience. The Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce that three (3) Distinguished Teaching Awards – part time professors have been granted in 2021.


Kelly St-Jacques

Professor Kelly St-Jacques earned her bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in English Literature at the University of Ottawa (1981). A part-time professor in the Department of English since 1992 and a long-term appointment since 2016, she has devoted her career to improving the student experience. 

An early adopter of digital communications, Professor St-Jacques has been instrumental in helping the Department navigate the switch to online learning. In her own classes she uses every tool in the box to reach out to her students, no matter what their learning style.  Her commitment to her work and students is legendary. She is also an inspiration and a support to her teaching assistants, who claim that her zest for teaching rubs off on them.  Finally, she is actively involved in the Mentoring Centre that the Faculty of Arts recently created.

Colleagues and students agree that Professor St-Jacques stands out for her focused and engaging classes, as well as her genuine kindness. As one student put it: “Professor Kelly St-Jacques is not a good teacher: she is a committed, passionate, caring, chocolate-chip-baking, Robin-Williams-in-Dead-Poets-Society kind of great teacher…”




Akemi Matsushita-Guertin

Akemi Matsushita-Guertin has been a professor of Japanese in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures since 1995 and a Continuing Education lecturer at the University of Ottawa since 1989. She holds a masters degree in English from Michigan State University.

According to her students, Professor Akemi performs her job at a rare level of excellence and consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication, going above and beyond her required responsibilities. Her students remember fondly the time she baked a Japanese dessert to accompany one of her lectures, introducing them to another aspect of Japanese culture. Her colleagues are just as laudatory, insisting that because of Akemi Matsushita-Guertin’s hard work and loyalty to the University, Japanese language courses have been among the most popular in the Department for many years now.

Professor Akemi insists that it is her students that fuel her passion, and she takes great pride in seeing their progress on their linguistic journey, including their integration into Japanese society.

All in all, her innovative teaching methods, her ability to connect with students, her willingness to go the extra mile, and her overall passion for sharing her language and culture have allowed her to make a lasting and positive impact on their lives of many.




Anaïs Tatossian

Anaïs Tatossian earned a doctorate in French linguistics from the University of Montreal. She has been a full-time professor in the Département de français since 2017. Her achievements are numerous, but two of these are particularly noteworthy.

On March 13, 2020, as coordinator for the department’s foundational courses, Professor Tatossian urgently completed a major restructuring that allowed over 1000 students to continue their studies through videoconferencing. And, once the Winter 2020 term was over, she completely reimagined her courses, redeployed the staff members needed to give these courses, and implemented methods to monitor student progress to help reduce their stress levels.

What’s more, Anaïs Tatossian’s personality, along with her precise and methodical style, inspired many students to consider graduate studies: stimulated by her undergraduate courses, these students decided to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees. Other students benefited from her support in requesting and obtaining prestigious scholarships.

Students and colleagues are unanimous: Anaïs Tatossian is both brilliant and humble, caring and professional, a perfect example of the ideal teacher.



Early Researcher of the Year Award

The Award recognizes the outstanding achievement of a researcher or artist who is in the early stages of her/his academic career at the Faculty of Arts. Recipient(s) receive the prize according to the quality and significance of their scholarship (research or research-creation) specifically the quality and degree of research productivity, student training activities and record of research funding.

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce that two (2) Early Researcher of the Year Awards have been granted in 2021.

Stefanie Haustein

Stefanie Haustein joined the School of Information Studies as an assistant professor in 2017. She is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of academic communication, research evaluation, open access, and open science. To date, she has been awarded nearly $4 million in collaborative funding, most recently a Sloane Foundation Grant to analyze the role of research data in scholarly communication. Her work has considerable impact well beyond the University, both through her research on open scholarship and bibliometrics, and also through the ScholCommLab, which she co-founded and co-directs.

She was the 2020 winner of the University of Ottawa Library’s Open Scholarship Award and was twice named Highly Cited Researcher by the Web of Science Group, one of only a handful of Canadians to be awarded this top ranking. Professor Haustein is a faculty associate of the Institute for Science, Society, and Policy (ISSP) and is a member of the Centre for Journalology and the LIFE Research Institute. She is also a member of the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).






Dennis Ott

None other than famed theoretical linguist Noam Chomsky has described Professor Dennis Ott as “…one of the most creative and promising young scholars working on language” and “…one of the few whose work really breaks new ground in areas of fundamental importance.” Professor Ott joined the Department of Linguistics in 2015 and his ground-breaking research on syntax, most notably his insights on ellipsis and cognitive science is internationally recognized.

He is currently the Principal Investigator for a SSHRC Insight Development Grant on the theory of ellipsis and incomplete questions in French. He has an excellent academic record and an outstanding number of publications, including a book and nearly 30 journal articles and book chapters. His work is published in the top journals in his field and his edited volumes are represented by prestigious publishers like Oxford University Press. His forthcoming monograph is set to be published by MIT Press. The impact of his research is clearly demonstrated by the number of citations he has earned: his h-index is 17, a number that would be impressive for even senior scholars in his field, much more so for an early-career researcher.







Excellence in Studies


Languages and Literatures 

Janick Robidoux

Janick is graduating with a major in Second Language Didactics and a minor in French Literature.

Janick has a rare passion for motivating and supporting those around her. As a volunteer with the University’s Student Academic Success Service, she contributes to the success of other students as a note taker. During the summer months, she acts as a river rafting guide and coordinator in the Laurentians.

In September, she will take the Teacher Education program in the Intermediate/Senior divisions in order to teach French and History, subjects at the heart of French-language education in minority settings.





Lila Ndinsil

Lila has always had a passion for arts and literature. In high school, she became interested in novels and soon decided to write her own. In 2018, she published her first children’s novel, entitled Lorsque notre voeu porte malheur [When our wish brings bad luck].

She continued to hone her skills by participating in art exhibitions and receiving literary prizes, such as those awarded by the French Department at the University of Ottawa.

For the past two years, she has worked in the Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre, supporting students with a variety of learning strategies to ensure their success. In 2020, she combined her passions to create an online comic book called Junior Rush, available on Webtoons.

She is currently completing a B.A. in French Literature and plans to pursue teacher training, with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher and author.





Fine and Performing Arts 

Marianne Brown

Marianne is graduating with a double major in visual arts (arts administration profile) and psychology. This combines her interests in mental health promotion, community building and art history.

Marianne complements her studies with other arts and culture experiences such as weekly figure drawing workshops and participating in group exhibitions, plus travel to museums and exhibits in New York (with uOttawa) and Europe.

Marianne also volunteers for Ancoura, a non-profit organization providing housing and support for people living with mental illness. As well, she enjoys working part time at a small coffee shop in Ottawa, spending time with her community.

This fall, Marianne will be continuing her studies at uOttawa through the new master’s in contemporary art theory. She looks forward to immersing herself in the Ottawa art community.





Tovin Allers

Tovin Allers

Tovin, from British Columbia, studied viola with Michael van der Sloot and violin with the late Yehonatan Berick at uOttawa. He’s graduating with a Bachelor of Music this spring.

He has been accepted to the Aspen Music Festival and School on a viola fellowship. He will be attending for the 2021 season, which will take place with smaller classes. He has sat as guest principal second violin in the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, as well as principal second and concertmaster for the University of Ottawa Orchestra and uOttawa Opera.

In the fall, Tovin will begin a master’s of music in viola performance at the Rice University Shepherd School of Music.




Kevin Marimbu

Kevin Marimbu

Kevin is completing a Bachelor of Physics and a Bachelor of Music with a major in voice. In between his studies, Kevin works at Rideau Hall, the residence of the governor general, greeting and guiding visitors – virtually of course! He is preparing to graduate in the
fall and maintain an equally high academic average.












Geneviève Roy

Geneviève is completing a Joint Honours bachelor’s degree in Communications and Sociology.

During her studies, she participated in the Communication Games as part of the crisis management team. Her work ethic is based on discipline, listening and concern for a job well done. She shares this academic distinction with her professors who have passed along to her and continue to impart to her a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Geneviève is preparing for a graduate program in Information Studies in the fall of 2022. Passionate about the media and eternally nostalgic, she hopes to work for the archives of Société Radio-Canada.









Gabriel William DeRooy

Gabriel BA in linguistics from uOttawa.

By his own admission, the University was in many ways a fresh start for Gabriel. During his four years here, he discovered a passion for language structures, student mentoring of his peers and learning in both of Canada’s official languages.

Gabriel has worked with professors on a variety of research projects, both through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program  and directed studies. He’ll be presenting his most recent project — his honours thesis — with his supervisor at the Chicago Linguistics Society’s annual conference on May 8.

In his spare time, Gabriel has been involved with the Linguistics Students Association and acted in community theatre productions, most recently Cliffhanger with the Ottawa Little Theatre in 2018.

This September, Gabriel will start the 12-month master’s program in linguistics at uOttawa, having received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  He looks forward to broadening his perspectives and research skillset before moving on to a PhD.


Alice Koffi

A student in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Ottawa, Alice Koffi arrived from the Ivory Coast in 2017 as a permanent resident. Along with this training she added geomatics, a subject she is passionate about and that has allowed her to keep her past professional achievements as a geologist.

She participated in the University of Ottawa’s Community Service Learning (CSL) program and had the opportunity to work with the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement et du Développement durable de l’Outaouais [Outaouais regional council on the environment and sustainable development] in the fall of 2019. This experience enabled her to work as a volunteer on the Outaouais municipal assistance plan. In collaboration with CREDDO, she implemented the data collection to create a decision-making support tool for prioritizing water environments and wetlands in the Outaouais.

In the winter of 2021, she worked as a volunteer at the International Conference on Sustainable Development 2021 with Professor Huhua Cao, an experience that earned her a nomination for the Community Service Learning Award for her outstanding contribution.

Passionate about nature and service activities, she has always been involved in actions in favour of widows and orphans in her country. Here, Canadians’ sense of sharing has led her to deepen her passion and to collect objects (clothing, shoes, toys) for free distribution to the poorer areas of the Ivory Coast.

She plans to continue her studies by specializing in sustainable development and public program management.




General Arts 

Edward Chung

Edward Chung

Edward describes himself as an atypical undergraduate student.

After earning a bachelor of commerce from McMaster University in 1978, he moved to the U.S. and receiving an MBA from Oregon State University in 1979. He then started a career in marketing and strategic planning that took him to New York, Hong Kong and back to Toronto, in sectors such as shipping, energy, banking and education.

In 1992, tired of the rat race and the hours, Edward returned to school. He completed a PhD in marketing from the Schulich School of Business at York in 1997. Back in the U.S., he taught marketing full time for over 20 years, before retiring in 2018.

Not one to stay away from academia for long, Edward decided to broaden his education. He chose uOttawa for the interdisciplinary nature of the general BA, letting him study history, sociology and law and continuing his quest to “learn about the things that make us human, that speak to the human condition.”

This summer, he plans on reading and attending HarvardX online open courses (MOOCs). He’ll be starting a master’s in sociology at uOttawa this fall.

Past Laureates

Professor of the Year

Every year, since 1995, the Faculty of Arts recognizes a professor who excels in the three areas of teaching, research and service to the university community.

Year Name
Florian Grandena


2013 Marie-Hélène COTÉ 
2012 Lori BURNS 
2011 Konrad GAJEWSKI 
2010 Irene R. MAKARYK 
Seymour MAYNE 
2009 J. Douglas CLAYTON  
2008 Peter BEYER 
2007 Ruby HEAP  
2006 Antoni G. LEWKOWICZ  
2005 Michael C. BEHIELS  
2004 France MARTINEAU 
2003 Ina FERRIS 
2002 Paul MERKLEY 
Early Researcher of the Year Award

In 2005, the Faculty of Arts established the Young Researcher of the Year Award, to recognize the outstanding achievements of a researcher or artist who is in the early stages of his or her academic career.

Year Name
2020 Elizabeth DUBOIS
2019 Beverly BAKER
2018 Patrick McCurdy
2017 Geneviève BOUCHER
2016 Jackie DAWSON 
2015 Sylvie A. LAMOUREUX 
2014 Denis LACELLE 
2012 Emma ANDERSON  
2011 Rebecca MARGOLIS 
2010 Jitse H.F. DIJKSTRA 
2009 Mawy BOUCHARD
2008 Michel BOCK 
2007 Michel FOURNIER  
2006 Michael C. SAWADA  
Distinguished Teaching Award  

The Faculty of Arts’ Distinguished Teaching Award was created in 2012 to recognize full-time and part-time professors at the Faculty of Arts who excel in teaching and whose contributions significantly enhance the student academic experience.

Year Name
2020 Florian GRANDENA
2012 Damien-Claude  BELANGER 
Support Staff Award of Excellence

Created in 2014, the Support Staff Award of Excellence highlights the excellence of contributions made by a unionized member of the Faculty of Arts support staff to administrative activities, student support and/or service to faculty members. Efforts that help achieve the Faculty’s or the University’s strategic goals are particularly valued. The award is presented annually, in December.

Year Name
2019 Harry KISOKA, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
2018 Diane DAOUST, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)
2017 Justin HANLEY, Facilities Manager, Faculty of Arts
2016 Nancy CHICOINE, Department of Translation and Interpretation
Sandra CLARK, Department of Classics and Religious Studies
2015 Nathalie MARAS, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics
2014 Angela HACHÉ, Department of Theatre
Jeanne D'Arc TURPIN , Department of Linguistics
Excellence in Studies
Fine and Performing Arts
Year Name
Isabelle Filion
Malcolm Horava
Corine Geneviève Sauvé

Languages and Literatures
Year Name
Nikita Kamblé-Bagal
Emma-Catherine Wilson
Rachel Goulet
Abigail Roche
Year Name
Michelle Hennessey
Joseph H. Beauchamp
Dani Ablack
Eryn Elizabeth Ford
Emily Kimi Witherow
General Arts
Year Name
Austin J. Cameron
Excellence in Community Engagement
Young Alumnus, Alumna Award
Year Name
2019 Ana Lambert
Honorary Award
Year Name
2020 N/A


Jeanne d’Arc Sharp

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