Awards of Excellence

The Faculty of Arts presents each year the Awards of Excellence to recognize outstanding students, professors, and graduates of the Faculty of Arts.



Distinguished Teaching Award – Full-time

This award is presented to a professor in the Faculty of Arts who has excelled in teaching and has made a significant contribution to enriching their students’ university experience.

Florian Grandena

Professor Grandena is associate professor in the Department of Communication who specializes in the world of cinema.

The course evaluations that his student submit are irrefutable: the vast majority of his students appreciate the high quality of his teaching, his course preparation, and his extensive knowledge. And Professor Grandena’s dedication is not limited to the classroom: he always makes time for his students, whether in person or online.

He guides his students in their learning without imposing his personal impressions, or cinematic trends, on the film. He feels it important to provide his students with relevant knowledge so that they can evaluate and comment on the movies being studied. He goes beyond what is normally expected of a professor: he proposes readings from various authors or researchers that allow students to form their own opinions. These students appreciate Professor Grandena’s values, including his respect for ideas and people, and his appreciation of individual and collective efforts. His teaching methods allow each student to express themselves on the subjects being taught. He regularly requests feedback from his students on both his teaching and the course content. His openness reflects not only his down-to-earth attitude, but also his passion for his profession.


Distinguished Teaching Award – Part-Time

This award is presented to a regular professor in the Faculty of Arts who has excelled in teaching and has made a significant contribution to enriching their students’ university experience.

Jada Watson

Jada Watson is a professor at the School of Music who is cross-appointed to the School of Information Studies. She is the coordinator of both CreatorSpace and of the Digital Humanities for the Faculty of Arts.

Her research takes an innovative approach to studying popular music genres in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Drawing from her interdisciplinary background in musicology and information studies, her research program seeks to harness the potential of music industry data to explore how genres form, develop, and change over time. Her work as a quantitative researcher focuses on the interpretation of Big Data emerging from popular music industry efforts to track sales, streams, and airplay (and ultimately, to capture revenue). Her work centres on inclusion and diversity within the genre of country music; it has revealed the origins of a decades’ long practice of gender-based programming quotas. While this type of data-driven research is common in the social sciences, Professor Watson is breaking new ground in the field of musicology and she is quickly becoming a leader in the area of relational modeling for popular music structures.

Professor Watson teaches in three academic units: Music, Information Studies and Digital Humanities. Her ability to collaborate and teach across these three departments stems from having an academic background in both musicology and information studies, as well as a research profile that actively combines these disciplines. She was also recently appointed to the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, which granted her supervisory privileges in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her innovative approach to teaching transforms the classroom into a research-driven laboratory in which students conduct original research.

She has made significant contributions to digital humanities at the University of Ottawa. In January 2019, she was named Digital Humanities coordinator, a position that involves program development for the Minor and Summer Institute (DHSITE) and organizing the Digital Humanities Toolbox workshop series.



Early Researcher of the Year Award

The Early Researcher of the Year Award was created in 2005 to recognize the exceptional work of a researcher or artist among the regular professors of the Faculty of Arts who is beginning their career.

The recipient is selected for the quality and scope of their academic activities (research or research-creation), particularly as it relates to quality, productivity, contribution to student learning, and the ability to obtain research funding.

Elizabeth Dubois

Professor Dubois joined the Department of Communication as an assistant professor in 2016. She is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of political communication and digital media. Her cutting-edge work on political bots and search algorithms has had significant and tangible impact on academic and public discourse.

Her peer-reviewed articles are widely cited and have been published in top social science and communication journals. As one of Canada’s leading researchers in digital democracy, Professor Dubois is active in the policy-making community and has co-authored seven influential reports in this field. She has appeared before two House of Commons committees and is regularly invited to speak with civil society groups, major news outlets, and a wide range of government departments and agencies.

Past Laureates

Professor of the Year

Every year, since 1995, the Faculty of Arts recognizes a professor who excels in the three areas of teaching, research and service to the university community.

Year Name


2013 Marie-Hélène COTÉ 
2012 Lori BURNS 
2011 Konrad GAJEWSKI 
2010 Irene R. MAKARYK 
Seymour MAYNE 
2009 J. Douglas CLAYTON  
2008 Peter BEYER 
2007 Ruby HEAP  
2006 Antoni G. LEWKOWICZ  
2005 Michael C. BEHIELS  
2004 France MARTINEAU 
2003 Ina FERRIS 
2002 Paul MERKLEY 
Early Researcher of the Year Award

In 2005, the Faculty of Arts established the Young Researcher of the Year Award, to recognize the outstanding achievements of a researcher or artist who is in the early stages of his or her academic career.

Year Name
2020 Elizabeth DUBOIS
2019 Beverly BAKER
2018 Patrick McCurdy
2017 Geneviève BOUCHER
2016 Jackie DAWSON 
2015 Sylvie A. LAMOUREUX 
2014 Denis LACELLE 
2012 Emma ANDERSON  
2011 Rebecca MARGOLIS 
2010 Jitse H.F. DIJKSTRA 
2009 Mawy BOUCHARD
2008 Michel BOCK 
2007 Michel FOURNIER  
2006 Michael C. SAWADA  
Distinguished Teaching Award  

The Faculty of Arts’ Distinguished Teaching Award was created in 2012 to recognize full-time and part-time professors at the Faculty of Arts who excel in teaching and whose contributions significantly enhance the student academic experience.

Year Name
2020 Florian GRANDENA
2012 Damien-Claude  BELANGER 
Support Staff Award of Excellence

Created in 2014, the Support Staff Award of Excellence highlights the excellence of contributions made by a unionized member of the Faculty of Arts support staff to administrative activities, student support and/or service to faculty members. Efforts that help achieve the Faculty’s or the University’s strategic goals are particularly valued. The award is presented annually, in December.

Year Name
2019 Harry KISOKA, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
2018 Diane DAOUST, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)
2017 Justin HANLEY, Facilities Manager, Faculty of Arts
2016 Nancy CHICOINE, Department of Translation and Interpretation
Sandra CLARK, Department of Classics and Religious Studies
2015 Nathalie MARAS, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics
2014 Angela HACHÉ, Department of Theatre
Jeanne D'Arc TURPIN , Department of Linguistics
Excellence in Studies
Fine and Performing Arts
Year Name
Malcolm Horava
Corine Geneviève Sauvé

Languages and Literatures
Year Name
Rachel Goulet
Abigail Roche
Year Name
Dani Ablack
Eryn Elizabeth Ford
Emily Kimi Witherow
Excellence in Community Engagement
Young Alumnus, Alumna Award
Year Name


Ana Lambert
Honorary Award
Year Name


Jeanne d’Arc Sharp

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