Awards of Excellence

The Faculty of Arts presents each year during the Soirée A+ the Awards of Excellence to recognize outstanding students, professors, and graduates of the Faculty of Arts.



Professor of the Year Award

The Professor of the Year Award annually recognizes the excellence of one of the Faculty of Arts' professors in three areas: teaching, research/creation and service to the university community.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of the quality of scholarly activities (research or artistic or literary creation), excellence in teaching and service to the university community.


Boulou Ebanda de B’béri-Professor of the Year Award

Boulou Ebanda de B’béri

Founding director of the Audiovisual Media Lab for the Study of Cultures and Societies as well as professor of media studies and intercultural communication. Boulou de B’béri joined the Faculty's Communication Department in 2004.

Professor de B'béri is an internationally recognized expert in media and cultural studies. As principal researcher of a Community-University Research Alliance project, he studied Canadians’ historical amnesia with respect to the contribution of Black pioneers in the Dawn Settlement of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, in the early 19th century. For this project, he focused on the implementation of strategies to combat slavery and to promote civil rights across Canada, the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. Today, Professor de B'béri studies the transatlantic relationship of Canada's black presses in the 19th and 20th centuries.

For Professor de B'béri, the Faculty of Arts' Professor of the Year Award represents more than an individual award but a prize for the entire African community, for which he has an ethical responsibility and is compelled to be a role model. He adds that "for all these Africans, I will forever remain the first professor of African origin – a figure with whom they can identify – to have been Professor of the Year of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ottawa, and that means something, it is more than the Award!” Congratulations!


Distinguished Teaching Award – Faculty of Arts

This Award is presented to a regular professor of the Faculty of Arts who excels in teaching and contributes significantly to enrich students’ university experience.

Kyle Conway-Distinguished Teaching Award – Faculty of Arts

Kyle Conway

Kyle Conway holds a PhD in communication arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and he joined the University of Ottawa in 2015. He studies borders—linguistic, cultural, geographic, religious—and asks how translation helps us to cross them.

As a member of the Faculty, he has contributed to programs across the Faculty, especially to the minor in digital humanities, which he also oversaw from 2014 to 2016. He has taught classes at all levels of the curriculum, from first-year undergraduate survey courses to doctoral seminars. As Director of Graduate Studies since 2017, Dr. Conway has worked with the Graduate Students Association to develop a lunch-time series on professionalization for graduate students.

As an educator, he enhances student academic experience by engaging students in critical dialogue about theory and in DH classes, about tools and technologies, and by publishing peer-reviewed book chapters and articles with his students.

When accepting the prize, Professor Conway said: "Teaching matters. It matters because thinking matters, and thinking matters because the world is a mysterious place worth exploring and fighting for.”



Early Researcher of the Year Award

The Early Researcher of the Year Award was created in 2005 and recognizes each year the exceptional work of a researcher or an artist among the regular professors of the Faculty of arts who is in the beginnings of their career.

The recipient is selected for the quality and the scope of their academic activities (research or research-creation), particularly as it relates to quality, productivity, contribution to student learning, and the ability to obtain research funding.


Beverly Baker-Early Researcher of the Year Award

Beverly Baker

Beverly Baker is an Associate Professor and Director of Language Assessment at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute and is Director of the Institute’s Language Assessment Research Group. An internationally known applied linguist, she is widely published in the areas of language assessment and teacher development and has presented at dozens of practitioner and researcher conferences in more than 10 countries. Beverly is also recognized internationally for her service with the International Language Testing Association, and was a founding member of the Canadian Association of Language Assessment (CALA). Beverly’s current funded programs of research involve team collaboration with researchers as well as practitioners, focusing on 3 areas: Novice ESL and FSL language teacher identity formation; Indigenous language revitalization and assessment in a Mi’gmaq community; and language assessment and teacher development in Haiti.  She is highly successful in securing external research funds. In the past 7 years, she has received as Principal and Co-Investigator nearly $1M from SSHRC, government agencies, and international applied linguistics and language assessment organizations. Let it be known that Beverly has recently been granted the Young Researcher of the Year Award of the University of Ottawa. Professor Baker particularly appreciate the word “Early” in the name of the prize, since it symbolizes her potential and confidence in her research. Bravo!


Excellence in Studies

The Faculty of Arts wishes to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate students.  The following students have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 9.5 or more in their 4th year of studies in a specialization or major.


Fine and Performing Arts


Malcolm Horava

Malcolm Horava

Malcolm is in his fourth year of a Bachelor of Music, and his instrument is the trumpet. He has immersed himself in music by studying, performing, volunteering and teaching, all the while accumulating awards and scholarships.  He is still involved as Bass Lead at Knox Presbyterian Church Choir. His performance experience includes the Band of the Governor General’s Foot Guards, and the Band of the Ceremonial Guard since May 2017.


Corinne-Genevieve Sauvé

Corinne Geneviève Sauvé

Corinne is in her 4th year of the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, acting profile, and is also enrolled in the Minor in Women’s Studies. A blooming actor, author and scriptwriter, Corinne has demonstrated academic excellence, and her dynamism and talent have led her to play in several theatre productions, films, and radio shows. She is a global citizen, speaks French, English, and Spanish and is now learning Arabic. Corinne has received many awards and has been recognized for her academic excellence, talent and community engagement. Her strong sense of social justice shines through her many contributions to the flight against youth homelessness.


Languages and Literatures


Rachel Goulet

Rachel Goulet

With a strong passion for arts and literature, Rachel is finishing her Bachelor of Arts in French Literature, with a Minor in History and Theory of Art. Through her academic excellence, she has earned several scholarships as well as awards for the quality of her writing. Rachel is intellectually curious and has eagerly initiated herself to poetry research under the supervision of a professor in the French Department. She seeks occasions to quench her thirst for culture, art and prose and received a scholarship to complete an exchange in France last year. She currently works at the National Gallery of Canada.

Abigail Roche

Abigail Roche

A 4th year student in the Honours Bachelor of Arts in French as Second Language in addition to a Major in Spanish, Abigail is deeply passionate about languages and communication. She has distinguished herself throughout her university career, as shown by her many scholarships and awards. Abigail is a global citizen and loves to experience other cultures through travel to destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Australia, France and East Timor. She fluently speaks Spanish in addition to Canada’s two official languages and has also begun learning German. Her generosity and idealism shine through her volunteer engagement with Ottawa’s Inuit community.




Dani Ablack

Dani Ablack

Dani is a 4th-year Honour’s BA student with a double Major in Communication and Anthropology. A blooming communicator, she has gained experience in communication through the University’s CO-OP program, holding positions at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs, of the University of Ottawa. Dani has a passion for world languages, cultures, and arts, already speaks English, French, and Spanish, and loves to travel.


Eryn Elizabeth Ford

Eryn Elizabeth Ford

Eryn is a fourth-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Greek and Roman Studies. She is a member of the Student Association of Classical Studies, and in the spirit of a true scholar of classics, Eryn Enjoys studying ancient languages such as Latin, and Ancient Greek. She plans to continue her studies at University of Ottawa in the Master of Arts Classical Studies degree program.

Emily Kimi Witherow

Emily Kimi Witherow

Emily has chosen History and Indigenous studies at the University of Ottawa, completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Specialization in History. She has conducted an exchange at Wellesley College during the fall of 2018 and at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris during the spring of 2019.  Recipient of the Killam Fellowship and the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, she has been an editor of the University of Ottawa's history journal for two years and has recently been published for her research on British colonial wars during High Imperialism. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Emily plans on completing a Master’s Degree in Global History and Imperialism abroad and intends to research resource exploitation and Indigenous land rights in the Canadian post-colonial state. She has done exceptionally well in her studies, having maintained a cumulative grade average of 9.94.  Emily is in Paris now.  When asked for her thoughts on the tragedy of Notre-Dame, she shares her perspective as a history student : “Obviously since I’m not Parisian I don’t have quite the passionate emotional connection to Notre-Dame, but as a student, it was so upsetting to see artwork and statues go up in flames – especially before Easter and a holy week”.


Excellence in Community Engagement

The Faculty of Arts Alumni and Friends Awards of Excellence acknowledge the exceptional achievements and contributions of its alumni, donors and partners.


Young Alumnus, Alumna Award

The New Alumni Award honours a graduate of 40 years of age or less who has made an outstanding contribution in his or her field of activity, either professionally or in the community.  By her or his example, the person is a source of inspiration for future generations of young graduates.


Anna Lambert

Anna Lambert

As a Director of Talent Acquisition at Shopify, Anna leads a team of more than 100 people across seven locations globally – and graduated from uOttawa just five years ago. Over the last seven years, Anna has contributed to Shopify’s growth by designing high impact teams who serve Shopify’s global merchant base.  She is committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion are embedded into Shopify’s hiring practices. She has recruited top talent from all over the world across a variety of disciplines, helped to position Shopify as a top employer, and helped grow Shopify from 150 to over 3,000 employees around the world.

Anna graduated from uOttawa in Political Science and Communication before entering the e-commerce world. She did in a uOttawa CO-OP placement at Shopify in 2011 when it had only 43 employees. She returned to the company the following year before joining the recruiting team in 2013. Her drive and ambition have led to her receiving the Ottawa’s 2018 Forty Under 40 award in recognition for her professional achievements, expertise and community service. Anna collaborates with professors and colleagues of the Faculty of Arts to encourage dialogue between the industry and the University, and work on educational goals that are mindful of workplace needs. She is a dynamic ambassador of uOttawa at Shopify, where no fewer than 165 uOttawa alumni work, with almost half (77) coming from arts and social sciences. (The rest are from other faculties, with engineering leading the way.)

Finally, she helps create favourable conditions so that students can learn within an entrepreneurial environment. Anna sets an inspirational example for future alumni, and we are proud to call her our own.


Honorary Award

The Honorary Award is presented to a friend of the Faculty of Arts who has distinguished him or herself for excellence in any field; who has demonstrated leadership and contributed to the outreach of the Faculty of Arts or the University of Ottawa; or who, through his or her actions and dedication, has had a positive impact on the student experience in the Faculty of Arts.

Jeanne d’Arc Sharp

Jeanne d’Arc Sharp

Born in Quebec City, Mrs. Jeanne d'Arc Sharp made Ottawa her adopted home several years ago. Together with her late husband, the Honourable Mitchell Sharp, they have made a remarkable contribution to the musical community of the National Capital Region, particularly through their unwavering commitment to the friends of the National Arts Centre. Mr. and Mrs. Sharp's involvement in the School of Music goes back more than 15 years. They were key in the Piano Lab project on multidisciplinary research in piano pedagogy, in the inauguration of the Mitchell Sharp studio in 2005 following the bequeathal of Mr. Sharp's personal piano, in the instrument renewal campaign and in the awarding of scholarships to students, including international students in need. During her meetings at the University, it is not uncommon for Mrs. Sharp to drop by the 4th floor of Pérez Hall to hear the notes played on Mr. Sharp's Steinway and to appreciate the new echoes from music students.

Past Laureates

Professor of the Year

Every year, since 1995, the Faculty of Arts recognizes a professor who excels in the three areas of teaching, research and service to the university community.

Year Name


2013 Marie-Hélène COTÉ 
2012 Lori BURNS 
2011 Konrad GAJEWSKI 
2010 Irene R. MAKARYK 
Seymour MAYNE 
2009 J. Douglas CLAYTON  
2008 Peter BEYER 
2007 Ruby HEAP  
2006 Antoni G. LEWKOWICZ  
2005 Michael C. BEHIELS  
2004 France MARTINEAU 
2003 Ina FERRIS 
2002 Paul MERKLEY 
Early Researcher of the Year Award

In 2005, the Faculty of Arts established the Young Researcher of the Year Award, to recognize the outstanding achievements of a researcher or artist who is in the early stages of his or her academic career.

Year Name
2019 Beverly BAKER
2018 Patrick McCurdy
2017 Geneviève BOUCHER
2016 Jackie DAWSON 
2015 Sylvie A. LAMOUREUX 
2014 Denis LACELLE 
2012 Emma ANDERSON  
2011 Rebecca MARGOLIS 
2010 Jitse H.F. DIJKSTRA 
2009 Mawy BOUCHARD
2008 Michel BOCK 
2007 Michel FOURNIER  
2006 Michael C. SAWADA  
Distinguished Teaching Award  

The Faculty of Arts’ Distinguished Teaching Award was created in 2012 to recognize full-time and part-time professors at the Faculty of Arts who excel in teaching and whose contributions significantly enhance the student academic experience.

Year Name
2012 Damien-Claude  BELANGER 
Support Staff Award of Excellence

Created in 2014, the Support Staff Award of Excellence highlights the excellence of contributions made by a unionized member of the Faculty of Arts support staff to administrative activities, student support and/or service to faculty members. Efforts that help achieve the Faculty’s or the University’s strategic goals are particularly valued. The award is presented annually, in December.

Year Name
2019 Harry KISOKA, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
2018 Diane DAOUST, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)
2017 Justin HANLEY, Facilities Manager, Faculty of Arts
2016 Nancy CHICOINE, Department of Translation and Interpretation
Sandra CLARK, Department of Classics and Religious Studies
2015 Nathalie MARAS, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics
2014 Angela HACHÉ, Department of Theatre
Jeanne D'Arc TURPIN , Department of Linguistics
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