Paradigm[e]: Gallery

The students in the Department of Visual Arts proudly present Paradigm[e] Gallery.

Paradigm[e] seeks to engage students at the University of Ottawa by showcasing their artworks in a commercial gallery space while cultivating interest and discussion amongst students, faculty, staff, and the visiting public. Artists will receive 85% of the sale of works, while the remaining 15% of sales will be donated to a Student Art Bank. The Student Art Bank allows the university to purchase student artworks to be displayed throughout campus.

Paradigm[e] Gallery is open to the public weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
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Current Exhibition:

This creative business venture was first developed by a group of students in Dr. Celina Jeffery’s Curating for Contemporary Art course and continues to grow every year with the new encounters and fresh perspectives of the students in the Department of Visual Arts. 

Paradigm[e], along with Gallery 115 and Epilogue Gallery, are run by and for students under the direction of the department. The galleries share the common goal of creating a dialogue between art students and the Ottawa community while promoting the Visual Arts program at the University of Ottawa.

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