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Here is what you need to know about the Virtual Writing Café
The Virtual Writing Café is a place where you can write as a group in the comfort of your home.


Why participate in a writing group?

Do you ever sit at your computer, not knowing quite how to start writing? You are not alone. 

One of the ways you can have some social contact in these unprecedented times and move forward in your writing work is by being part of an informal writing group. Whether you are working on an assignment, publication, your thesis or any other work, there is a place for you in a virtual writing group.

The idea behind a writing group is to be together while each completing our individual work.  This year, a group of graduate students in the Department of Communication did just that. It worked well: Articles were written. Thesis chapters were finalized. Conference presentations were prepared.

Now, we’re extending the idea to the Faculty of Arts.


What can you expect to get out of a writing group?

A Faculty of Arts writing group is:

  1. A supportive community of students working to get their individual work done.

  2. A place to do your own work but also be with others in the same “virtual” space, at the same time.

  3. The ability to keep on track with your work, by setting aside a block of time to write and hold yourself accountable.

  4. A chance to build camaraderie and make new connections that will help you along your academic and professional journey.

  5. A place where you set your own goals for each writing session and feel a sense of accomplishment as your projects move forward.

  6. The push you may need some days to just get you started when you don’t feel like writing.

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