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Here is what you need to know about the Virtual Writing Café

Virtual Writing Café! A Writing Group for Graduate Students in the Faculty of Arts


How it works:

  1. Pre-register (via Eventbrite) for a writing group session that fits your schedule and preferred language profile (English, French, Bilingual)
  2. Arrive on time, with a project to work on for the 3-hour work period.
  3. The group host will introduce themselves, briefly review the Code of Conduct if there are any new attendees, and open the floor for introductions.
  4. During the introductions, you’ll have about a minute to say hello to the group and talk about what you’re working on during the writing session.
  5. Once everyone says hello, the Zoom room will be locked and we’ll get to work! All participants will mute their microphones and keep their cameras on (so that we can keep each other company).
  6. The room chat will remain open during the writing session.
  7. The host will let everyone know when 30 minutes remain. The last 15 minutes of the session will be dedicated to a short recap by each attendee of what they completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the same writing session every week?

No! You can attend whatever writing group works for your schedule. It’s expected that the writing groups will have new and returning members and will be composed of students from the many Departments that make up the Faculty of Arts.


Can I attend more than one session per week?

Yes! As long as there are spots available in a writing session, you can sign up!


What if I’m running late?

In order to minimize distractions, the Zoom room will be locked 10 minutes into the meeting start time. This means that if you sign up for a session at 9am, at 910am the room will be locked and late attendees will not be permitted to join.


What if I can no longer attend a session?

It happens! Participants are asked to cancel at least three (3) hours in advance so that students on the waitlist can be notified that a space has opened up.


Can I take a break during the session?

Sure! The purpose of the sessions is to stay connected with other graduate students and make progress on our individual work. If you’d like to grab a snack, use the washroom, or take a short break, feel free to turn off your camera or step away from your desk and return when you’re ready.


Will more sessions be added?

Yes! As the writing groups grow and hosts are trained, more sessions will be added! If you are interested in hosting sessions, please contact

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