Soirée A+

On Wednesday, April 17, more than 150 guests gathered to celebrate academic excellence at the Soirée A +. During this celebration, three professors, seven students and two graduates of the Faculty of Arts each received an award for their academic and professional achievements.

Trophies - Awards of Excellence

During the Soirée A+, 13 prizes were awarded to the 2019 recipients.

Soirée A+ - View from the studio

View from the studio at the Soirée A+. The best seats in the house!

Soirée A+ - Kevin KEE - Dean of the faculty of arts

Kevin Kee, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, opened the festivities with an inspiring speech for both students and professors.


Soirée A+ - Theodore de BRUYN - Vice-Dean, Student Affairs

Theodore de Bruyn, Vice-Dean Student Affairs, also had the privilege to present our 2019 Excellence in Studies Awards.



Soirée A+ - Sylvie LAMOUREUX - Vice-Dean Governance and External Relations

Sylvie Lamoureux, Vice-Dean Governance and External Relations, presented the Faculty of Arts Alumni and Friends Awards of Excellence.


Soirée A+ - Genevieve TURCOT and Ryan KENEDY-MC

Our MC's Geneviève Turcot and Ryan Kennery closed the ceremony with great advices for future alumni and thanked the Faculty of Arts.

Buffet Soirée A+

Delicious cocktails and creative appetizers were served to guests throughout the evening. 

Groupe picture during the Soirée A+

Sylvain Schryburt, Chair of the Department of Theatre, alongside two of his students. 

Sylvie LAMOUREUX, Vice-Dean Governance and External Relations

Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition at Shopify, received the New Alumni Award.

Soirée A+ - Guests

Our guests taking their seats for the awards ceremony.


Soirée A+ - Genevieve TURCOT and Ryan KENEDY-MC

Our MC's Geneviève Turcot, BA Communication and Psychology, news editor at Le Droit, and Ryan Kennery, MA Communication, Senior Strategist at MediaStyle​​​ Ottawa.


Soirée A+ - Brian RAY - Vice Dean Research

Brian Ray, Vice-Dean Research, presented the winners of three Excellence awards; the Distinguished Teaching Award, Early Researcher of the Year Award and Professor of the Year Award.


Soirée A+ - Acrobats

Our guests had the privilege to watch an acrobatic performance by Le Cirque Carpe Diem.


Kevin KEE, Dean of the Faculty of Art

Dean Kevin Kee sharing a few wise words before the end of the evening. 

People chattin during the soirée A+

Mingling before the awards ceremony. 


Amazing performance by Le Cirque Carpe Diem! 

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