Course Sequence - Minor in Applied Ethics

A minor may be taken as the second program of an honours bachelor with major and minor, an honours bachelor with specialization and minor, or an honours bachelor’s (multidisciplinary) offered by the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences or Health Sciences. It may also be taken as a first program in a three-year General Bachelor of Arts with Minor.

Minor in Applied Ethics - 30 CREDITS

PHI1102Moral Reasoning3
SOC3101Sociology of Ethics3
18 optional credits in Applied Ethics
3 optional credits in Applied Ethics at the 3000 or 4000 level

List of optional courses

APA3301Ethics in Sport, Physical Activity and Health in Canada3
CMN3105Media Ethics3
CMN4105Ethics and Information Society3
PAP3360Managing Difference3
PAP4355Ethics and Public Affairs3
PHI1370Philosophical Issues in Health Care3
PHI2183Political Philosophy3
PHI2397Business Ethics3
PHI2398Environmental Ethics3
PHI4113Military and Peacekeeping Ethics
PHI4164Seminar in Ethics3
PHI4312Problems in Contemporary Ethics3
POL3105Theories of Democracy3
POL4142Applied Political Ethics3
POL4187The Politics of International Ethics3
SOC4111Seminar in Applied Ethics3
THO4124Feminist Ethics13
THO4127Economics and Ethics13

1 Course offered by Saint Paul University

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