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Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation

Course descriptions

AHL 2300 : Introduction to Community Engagement
Interdisciplinary introduction to civic and community engagement. Lays the foundations for undertaking further experiential learning activities, by developing reflexive practice and critical thinking skills. (Prerequisite: 12 course units.)

AHL3300 - Creativity and Innovation
This interdisciplinary course is intended to appeal to students who have a broad interest in the creative process, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This highly interactive course will help students develop techniques and skills for improving the flexibility and originality of their thinking. They will explore approaches used by individuals and organizations to create and sustain innovation. Topics include: everyday creativity and eliminating mental blocks, creative thinking techniques, idea selection approaches, design thinking, techniques for creative thinking, conditions that promote creativity and innovation, design for interaction. This course, which emphasizes collaborative learning, will also explore the social context for creativity and innovation. Throughout this course, students will explore and challenge their own creative processes and acquire scholarly knowledge of creativity. (Prerequisite: 36 university course units.)

​​​​​​​AHL4310/4910 - Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Lab
Individual or collaborative development of an entrepreneurial or social innovation project, in which students apply creative and critical analytical skills, as well as problem solving approaches. Workshops and invited speakers on various themes such as creating and measuring social impact, framing entrepreneurial projects, finding or creating entrepreneurial employment. (Prerequisite: AHL3300 | AHL 3700.)


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