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Entrepreneuship, Creativity and Social Innovation - Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation Option was thoughtfully crafted to cater to our makers, shakers and risk-takers!

You have a curious mind and an entrepreneurial spirit? Turn your creative aspirations into tangible realities and embark on your business journey! Our proposed sequence will deliver a balance between theory and practice through meaningful learning opportunities, coupled with valuable resources and support for you as a future entrepreneur.

You will learn ways in which creativity and entrepreneurship can be blended together to create exciting opportunities.

Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation - ideas

This option’s fixed progression has been carefully tailored and can be integrated in all BA and BSc programs of the Faculty of Arts for those looking to turn their passion into purpose to shape their future and our community.


Courses (18 units):

  • ADM1101/1100 - Social Context of Business / Introduction to Business Management
  • ADM2313 - The Entrepreneurial Society
  • ADM3313 - New Venture Creation
  • AHL2300 - Introduction to Community Engagement
  • AHL3300 - Creativity and Innovation
  • AHL4310/4910 - Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Lab



The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation Option can be added by completing a program change request in uoZone, under the Application tab. Deadlines will be specified in uoZone.

Each year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Faculty of Arts presents ARTS INNOVATION, an event that encourages arts students to forge their own career paths and make a difference in our rapidly changing world.

Contact information

Elena Valenzuela, Associate Professor
Director of Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation Ventures, Faculty of Arts

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Communication student received Entrepreneurship Program Award

Chantelle, from the Greater Toronto Area, chose the University of Ottawa to take part in CO-OP. She knew what she wanted to do with her career.

Arts Innovation - Network. Create. Transform

Join us for a stimulating conversation on innovation in the arts, personal branding, and the current and future direction of creative industries, hosted by a panel of creative entrepreneurs.

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