Evelyn GREENBERG, Department of Music, 1972-1995

Photo of Evelyn Greenberg

An accomplished musician, teacher, mentor and community builder, Evelyn Greenberg has dedicated her career to the principles of teamwork, harmony and service.  Considered one of Ottawa's foremost accompanists, she was a member of the Department of Music at the University of Ottawa for many years, teaching accompaniment and coordinating the ensemble classes. Over the years, her expertise, musicianship and encouragement enriched the learning experience of her students and helped shape countless first-rate musicians.  She continues to inspire by example, fostering a passion for arts and education.  She was a pianist and harpsichordist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, the Nepean Symphony Orchestra and the CBC Studio Orchestra.  Evelyn Greenberg’s versatility as a pianist has resulted in much demand for her services in classical and theatre repertoire, and she has performed throughout Canada and abroad, most notably at the Canadian embassies in Washington and Tokyo.  Today, she continues to provide her support to the School of Music and the community as an energetic volunteer, performing in retirement homes, chronic care facilities, palliative wards and hospitals.  For her dedication and talent, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa at the June 2005 Convocation.

I have had the honour and the pleasure of knowing Evelyn Greenberg for the last 35 years. On a personal level, I have learned much from her about music and about life. I remember, as a student in her piano accompaniment course, my classmate Angela Hewitt and I would hang on her every word of musical advice! As for learning about life, one of the first pearls of wisdom I remember Evelyn telling me was “if you need to get something done, ask a busy person.” I had never heard this saying before, but I soon learned that Evelyn Greenberg herself is living proof of its accuracy. She is a busy person indeed: busy with musical projects, teaching projects, countless community organization and volunteering projects, family management… the list goes on! Yet Evelyn is the one person who can always be counted on to resolve a problem, to spearhead a new project and to go the extra mile for others.

What defines Evelyn Greenberg is her deep belief in giving back to her community, in working selflessly for the betterment of those around her and in helping to make a difference in whatever way she can. And I have seen her do just that year after year, in many different roles, with an energy and enthusiasm that seem never to diminish. The University of Ottawa is fortunate indeed to have been the beneficiary of so much of that energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Dr. Greenberg.

Testimonial presented by Professor Andrew Tunis on September 24, 2011.

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