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The Faculty of Arts is proud to have one of the most generous scholarships and bursaries offerings. Our students can apply for a large number of scholarships and bursaries offered by the University of Ottawa, the Faculty of Arts, our 16 departments and the community.

  • Scholarships: A scholarship is awarded for academic achievements. There are hundreds of scholarships offered for the Faculty of Art students and uOttawa students. They are all listed by Departments below or they can be searched on the uOttawa Scholarship online tool. It’s worth to take the time and apply to all the ones you are eligible for. Who knows, you might be able to get more than you would expect!
  • Bursary: A bursary is awarded based on financial need. They are all listed by Departments below or they can be searched on the uOttawa Scholarship online tool.
  • Work Study Program: The Work-Study Program (WSP) gives you a chance to work on campus part time during the academic year and earn around $4,000, and to work full time during the summer and earn close to $7,000. You also gain valuable work experience that will make you more employable after you've finished your degree.
  • Co-op: If your program offers it, Co-op is a great opportunity to grow professionally while gaining some valuable paid experience. Learn more about it here.

You can find out more on the Financial aid and awards page.

How to apply?

It’s simple: follow the steps listed here. At any point, if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions’ office by email ( or by phone (613-562-5700).

Faculty of Arts
Indigenous Research and Studies
Classics and Religious Studies
Geography, Environment and Geomatics
Vered Jewish Canadian Studies
Modern Languages and Literatures

School of Music Financial Aid and Awards website




Albert Tunis Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101589)


Alexander Macklin Scholarship in Viola (762200300896)

Allan Miskell Memorial Award (722200302065)


Anna Maria Brancker Schubert Award (722200302533)


Anthony King Memorial Scholarship (722200300553)


Armand and Margaret Weisbord Memorial Prize in Music (762200302336)

Aruna & Rupa Anantaraman Violin Scholarship (762200300278)

Beaudry Somcynsky Prize in Classical Music Composition (762200302809)

Bhawani Anantaraman Memorial Foundation (BAMF) Fund (OSOTF) (762220101420)

Calixa-Lavallée Scholarship (722200300005)


Camille Gay Fund - Hull Rotary Club (722200300038)


Captain Paul L. Bender Bursary in Music (OTSS) (762220101902)

CHIN International Radio Scholarship (762200301950)

Concerts Cumberland Scholarship (762200302243)

Donald Metcalfe Memorial Scholarship for Young Artists (OSOTF) (722220101885)


Ed Honeywell Scholarship for Classical Guitar (762200302448)

Ernest Gagnon and Cécile Gagnon-Coté Scholarship (OSOTF) (762220100987)

Ethel Ruth Snider Bursary (722200302857)


Florent Brault Bursary (OSOTF) (722220100959)


Frederick-Karam Scholarship (722200300009)


Gaston Héon Undergraduate Scholarships in Music (722220105068)


Gloria Macklin Scholarship in Piano (762200302282)

Guy Huot Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101719)


Harwalkar Memorial Scholarship (722200304021)


Isobel Firestone Scholarship (722200300010)


J. Morton Woodwind Scholarship (722200301182)


Jackie Larocque Violin Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101916)


Jean-Marie Beaudet Scholarship (722200300011)


Jean-Paul Sévilla Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101253)


Keith and Ross MacMillan Scholarship (722200300013)


Korjus/Pasch Voice Fund (762200301826)

Krishna Gupta Memorial Scholarship in Music (722200303963)


Lise Laneville Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220100983)


Marc Infante Scholarship - OSOTF (722220101425)


Marie-Claire Guindon and Robert Major Fund (762200302350)

Maurice and Claudette Larocque Cello Scholarship (722200302203)


Memorial Piano Scholarship (762220101384)

Michael Burgess Scholarship Fund in Fine Arts (OSOTF) (722220101170)


Mitchell Sharp Commemorative Bursary (762200302048)

Music Education Scholarship for Francophone Students (722201100542)


NAC Music Bursary for International Students (762200202020)

Nalini Perera Little Lotus Classical Music Scholarship (762200102838)

Nicole Senécal Emerging Artist Prize (762200302484)

Nora Hickson Kelly Scholarship in Music (722200301476)


Olga Somcynsky Scholarship (722200205187)


Rennie Regehr Admission Scholarship for Excellence in Viola (721200303950)


Robert Taylor Admission Scholarship for the School of Music (721200305050)


Robert W. Oades Memorial Bursary (762200302531)

School of Music Admission Scholarship (761200301555)

School of Music Entrance Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101308)


Shelagh and David Williams Scholarship for Excellence in Voice Performance (722200302680)


Shelagh and David Williams Scholarship in Music (OSOTF) (762120101668)

Therese Larocque Memorial Scholarship Fund (722220101112)


Thériault-Brillon Strings Scholarship (722200302521)


University of Ottawa Choir Choral Direction Scholarship (762200302242)

University of Ottawa Ernest Gagnon Scholarship (762200300693)

Vic Pomer Violin Entrance Scholarship (721200301554)


William H. Kelly Scholarship in Music (722200301475)


Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute
Visual Arts
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