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We are proud to provide our students with a wide range of scholarships and financial aid options, whether they study in English or French. Our Online Scholarships and Bursaries website presents a complete list of all the scholarships and bursaries, filtered according to a given student profile. However, the following scholarships are offered exclusively for students enrolled in academic programs given in French or for those who are Francophones or Francophiles.

Scholarships and Bursaries for Francophone and Francophile Students

In order to encourage students to pursue their postsecondary education and improve access to our undergraduate and graduate programs, multiple internal and external scholarships are available exclusively to Francophone and Francophile students at the Faculty of Arts.

French Studies Bursary  

The objective of this fund is to provide financial assistance to a newly admitted student who is undertaking the university studies for the first time by encouraging studies in French, in French Immersion or Extended French. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or have protected person or refugee status;
  • fulfill the admission requirements of the Faculty of Arts;
  • be registered full time, and for the first time, in an undergraduate program at the Faculty of Arts;
  • Each term take at least:
    • 9 units (i.e., 3 courses) taught in French, or
    • 6 units (i.e., 2 courses) taught in French, or in French as a second language (FLS) if you are in French immersion or in extended French

There is no application for this award. This bursary is awarded automatically to students who enroll in a French program, in French Immersion Studies or in the Extended French Stream. This bursary can be combined with any admission scholarship or bursary except for the Education Bursary.

Learn more about the French Studies Bursary by visiting Online Scholarships and Bursaries.

The following scholarships are offered exclusively for students enrolled in academic programs given in French or for those who are Francophones or Francophiles.


Scholarships for Canadian Students

Please note that each scholarship has additional eligibility criteria.

The “Online Scholarships and Bursaries” tool uses your browser’s default language, and subsequently the last language used. If you would like to change your language of preference, please click the language icon in the top right corner.


Resident of Ontario [1]



Allard-Henry Scholarship (OSOTF)


Anne-Marie Cadieux Scholarship


Bell Media Scholarship in Journalism


Bernard-Julien Scholarship (OSOTF)


Bossé-Andrieu/Mareschal Scholarship (OSOTF)


Bruno-Kaye Scholarship (OSOTF)


Concours de français langue seconde Scholarship


Concours provincial de français de l'Université d'Ottawa


Denise Lavigne Bursary


Edgard Demers Commemorative Scholarship (OSOTF)


Edgard Demers Commemorative Scholarship Fund II


Émile Lizé Bursary in French


Faculty Plaque in français


Franca Draghi-Rolleri Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF)

Françoise and Jean-Louis Allard Scholarship-Merit

Françoise-and-Yvan-Lepage Scholarship (712240300887)



French for the Future Essay Contest Scholarship


Guy Lafrance Scholarship in Philosophy (OSOTF)

Jean Herbiet Fund (OSOTF)

Joseph Marie Quirion Scholarship Fund-Merit (722200300012)



Legas Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101334)



Marie-Nicole Cossette Prize


Michel Prévost Award of Excellence


Michel Prévost Bursary in Regional Studies


MIFO Scholarship


Music Education Scholarship for Francophone Students


Nadine Saumure Bursary in Lettres françaises (OTSS)


Patrick Imbert Scholarship (722201305120)



Pierre Savard Memorial Scholarship


Programme Canadien de bourses de la Francophonie


Robert Dubuc Scholarship in Translation


Société des Amis Canada-France Scholarship (OSOTF)

Therese Larocque Memorial Scholarship Fund


University of Ottawa Ernest Gagnon Scholarship


[1] As per OSAP rules.


Scholarships for International Students

  • Differential tuition fee exemption
    A differential tuition fee exemption for new international students enrolled full time in a French-language program or who are enrolled in an English-language program with a French immersion option means that their tuition fees can be reduced to those paid by Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
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