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The Faculty of Arts offers a variety of graduate programs such as diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees in three main areas: Humanities, Languages and Literatures and Fine Arts.

Steps for the Admission Application

Step 1: Choose your program of study

Prior to submitting your application for admission to one of our programs, we strongly suggest that you consult the specific requirements page for your program.  Here you will be able to view important information concerning the admissions process for graduate studies, including application deadlines and academic qualifications required for our degrees.  Deadlines vary by program and can be as early as 10 months before the first term begins.

You can also learn more about our graduate programs by consulting the official descriptions listed in the University's catalogue.

It is important to note that some of our programs will require you to identify a research supervisor at the application stage. You can consult the department’s website to find information about professors’ fields of interest as well as their contact information.

Important Information for International Students

Important Information for international Candidates

Admission Equivalencies

If you completed your studies in another country and are unsure whether your degree or average would allow you to qualify for one of our programs, please consult the Admission Equivalencies page to find out whether you meet the requirements for admission.

Visa Processing Times

Visit the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada website to view the processing times for your visa and study permit.

International Office

The University of Ottawa’s International Office provides international students with valuable information and services before and during their stay at the University.  

Language Requirements

Candidates must meet the minimum language requirements of their program to be considered for admission. Please consult the specific requirements for more information on the levels that are required.

Step 2: Submit an application

The admissions process for graduate studies starts with an online application to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

You will be required to create an account with a user name and secure password to log into the application portal. The application will take approximately 1 hour to complete and is comprised of questions about your personal, academic and professional background. You will also be asked to choose the program and term to which you are applying. As indicated in step 1, please ensure that you have verified the application deadline for your program prior to submitting your application.

Once you have entered all of the information in the online application, you will be asked to submit a $110 non-refundable application fee. It is important to note that this fee is paid to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre and not to the University of Ottawa.

The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre will transfer your application to the University of Ottawa once it has processed your application fee. The transfer can take between a few days to a week to be completed by OUAC.

Step 3: Access your application through your uoZone portal

uoZone is an online portal where you will find a number of web-based tools and applications, including the admission application.  This portal is your main point of entry to access online services offered by the University.

Once we have received your application from OUAC you will receive an email from the University of Ottawa containing your student number and login information for the uoZone portal.

Your application for graduate studies can be accessed by clicking "Admission File" in the applications section of your uoZone portal. Here,  you can consult the checklist of documents that you will need to provide us for your application to be processed.  It generally includes documents such as a letter of intent, a resume with your chronological academic history, your university transcripts and recommendation forms and other documents.

Step 4: Enter your references in your application file

Reference from qualified scholars, who can attest to your potential for graduate studies and research, must be provided in order for your application to be processed.

The University of Ottawa’s recommendation process for admissions is completed online and is entirely confidential. To start this process, you must enter the name and email address of your referees in the “Admission File” application of your uoZone portal. An automated email will be sent to these individuals who will be prompted to fill out an electronic reference form for your application.

We would recommend that you contact your referees two to three weeks before applying in order to confirm they are willing to provide a reference for your application.

The referees should provide you with professional email addresses rather than personal email addresses from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail accounts. References must be submitted in English or French.

Step 5: Upload your documents using uoDoc

Your Admission File contains a checklist of documents to submit for your application. You must upload copies of these documents to your application, except for the references.

The uoDoc application in the applications section of your uoZone portal allows you to upload your documents directly to your admission application. These unofficial scanned copies can be used for the evaluation process. However, if you receive an offer of admission for your program, you will be asked to submit official versions of your university transcripts and diplomas as part of your admission conditions. The admission conditions usually include the submission of official transcripts issued directly by the institutions and copies of the diplomas you have received.

The submission of all official transcripts of universities attended is mandatory. This applies to all courses and programs at any university you have attended, including regular programs (completed or not), exchanges, letters of permission, online or correspondence courses, courses taken as a special student or visiting student, etc. If the transcript and degree certificate are not in English or French, a certified translation (signed and stamped/sealed) must be submitted.

Important Instructions for uoDoc


  • We highly recommend that you convert your documents to PDF format.
  • File names cannot include parentheses ( ), quotations “ or any other special characters.
  • Keep the file name short and relevant to its content.
  • Separate words with an underscore ( _ ).
  • Make sure to preview your document since you cannot edit or delete once it is submitted.
  • In addition to PDF files, you can upload .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .jpg, and .txt files.
  • Please do not upload all your supporting documents as one file. Each checklist item must have one matching document. If not, your application will be considered incomplete. Any documents received other than those required will be disregarded and deleted.
Step 6: View the admission decision in your uoZone portal

Following the submission of your admission documents, your application will be processed by the Faculty of Arts Graduate Office, which includes the calculation of your admission average and the review of your application and supporting documents. Once this step is completed, the Graduate Office will then forward your application to the Department’s admission committee for their assessment.

You can expect to receive an official decision concerning your application within a few weeks following the submission of your documents.  The decision will be made available through your Admission File in your uoZone portal. Please note that no paper version will be sent. The official version of your offer of admission is the one that will appear in your uoZone portal. If you have received an admission scholarship, this information will be found within your offer of admission.

If you receive an offer of admission, you will need to submit your response to the offer in your uoZone portal to confirm your place in the program.

Please note that the response is valid for both the admission and admission scholarship if applicable.

Additional requirements for candidates to the Conference Interpretation, Music and Visual Arts programs

Master of Conference Interpretation

Selected applicants will be required to complete an entrance examination, generally held in May, in Ottawa, which will test their linguistic skills, aptitude for interpretation and general knowledge.

Master of Music or Graduate Diploma in Music Performance

Candidates applying to the Master of Music in Performance Studies or the Diploma in Music Performance are required to register for an audition for their major instrument to demonstrate an advanced level of technical proficiency and performance ability.

Master of Music in Composition

Candidates applying to the Master of Music in Composition are required to submit 3 scores in PDF format through the uoDoc application.

M.F.A. in Visual Arts

Candidates to the M.F.A. in Visual Arts are required to create an account in SlideRoom to upload their digital portfolio, resume and artistic statement. All supporting documents must be uploaded to uoDoc and SlideRoom by the application deadline. Information on the portfolio requirements.

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