Guy LAFRANCE, Department of Philosophy, 1962-1999

Photo of Guy Lafrance

I am delighted to have been asked to say a few words in honour of my former colleague (and boss!) Guy Lafrance.

Guy est un ancien de l’Université d’Ottawa, ayant obtenu son bac et sa licence en philosophie ici, avant d’aller en France pour obtenir son doctorat.

Il a été professeur à l’Université d’Ottawa pendant 37 ans, soit de 1962 à 1999, et il est maintenant professeur émérite.

Guy is an all-rounder. He has published a lot of philosophy in a long career. He has done more than his share of administration, including a term as vice-dean of the (then) Faculty of Philosophy and three stints as chair of the Department, and he has been president of various philosophical organizations.

I was a member of the faculty during his third term as chair, and it was a memorable term. Not long after I was hired (and I swear it wasn’t because I was hired) the department went through a difficult period—“crisis” would not be too strong a word for it. We knew we needed a steady hand at the helm of the Department, and unanimously we turned to Guy.

He did a superb job. He turned his theoretical expertise in political thought to practical use and steered us through treacherous waters. His only lapse of judgement may have been appointing me to the DTPC, but it gave me an opportunity to admire his skill as an administrator, his professionalism and his collegiality.

Guy is an example, in fact, to all his colleagues of how to have a good career in philosophy. In retirement, he is showing us what to do when we finally figure out how to graduate from this place.

Merci, Guy, pour toutes tes contributions et pour ton bel exemple.

Témoignage présenté par le professeur Graeme Hunter, le 24 septembre 2011.

Testimonial presented by Professor Graeme Hunter on September 24, 2011.

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