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Undergraduate Studies Office

Please contact us to help guide and support you throughout your academic career!

Undergraduate Studies Office: Simard Hall, Room 128
Contact us
E-mail: arts@uOttawa.ca

Senior Officers of Academic Development and Operations

Academic Services Coordinators (Academic Development and Operations)

Academic Development and Student Retention Specialists

Services provided:

  • orientation and advice for new Faculty of Arts students
  • information about the programs offered at the University
  • analysis of student files
  • support for course selection and changes to course selections
  • academic and professional advice
  • academic standing evaluations
  • analysis of student files for admission in other programs of study
  • information on international exchange programs
  • approval of exemption requests
  • reception and review of student appeals
  • reference to the University’s services
  • advice to students on admission to graduate studies and professional programs such as law, education and medicine
  • analysis of student files to receive diploma

To make an appointment or request assistance, please contact us.


Students mentors at the Faculty of Arts

Services provided by students for students!

Student Mentoring Centre, Simard Hall, Room 123
Email: arts.mentor@uOttawa.ca

Coordinator, Student Mentoring Centre
Étienne PÉPIN

Services provided:

  • academic, personal or professional support
  • advice on developing effective learning strategies
  • advice on adjusting to university life
  • exploration of the University’s resources
  • workshops on various services
  • study groups for some first year courses
  • references to the various services

To meet with a mentor, please call us or visit us at the Centre.


Please refer to InfoService for the following services:

  • Information on tuition fees
  • registrar (official documents, student card)
  • general information on the University of Ottawa
  • tickets for convocation


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