Information regarding Final Exams

General Information

Exam Schedule

Consult your personalized exam timetable in uoZone to confirm the time and place of your exams.

It is possible that certain exams are not listed. If this is the case, please consult the Undergraduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Arts to obtain more information; you will find our coordinates at the bottom of the screen.

Exam Regulations

Consult the regulations concerning examinations posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Please note that if you arrive more than 30 minutes late for an exam, you may not be allowed to write the exam.

Deferred Examinations – Writing an exam at a later period

Final Exams for Undergraduate Courses offered by the Faculty of Arts

The Undergraduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Arts approves and manages deferred final exams of students for all undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

  • To defer any evaluations that take place during the term, students must contact their professor directly.

Reasons for deferring a final exam

Please consult Academic Regulation 9.5 for details regarding the justification of absence from an examination or of late submission of assignments.

In general, we will accept to defer a final exam for the following reasons:

Exam conflicts

  • Two exams on the same date and at the same time
  • Three consecutive final exams.

Take-home exams and final projects are not considered within the exam conflicts listed above.Travel, employment and misreading the examination schedule are not acceptable reasons for deferring an exam.


Medical reasons that must be justified:

If you miss a final exam due to illness, please refer to Academic Regulation 9.5.1 d) which governs medical certificates. The key points are the following:

  • If you fall ill on the day of the exam, it is essential to get a medical certificate dated on that day.
  • A medical certificate issued after the final exam or with an inconclusive diagnosis might be declined by the Undergraduate Studies Office of Faculty of Arts.
  • If you choose to write a final exam despite having a medical certificate, you cannot claim illness to request a deferred exam or a revised mark.


Death of a member of immediate family:

Justified by an original death certificate or an obituary notice.


Submitting a request for deferred mark

Should you be absent for a final exam for medical reasons, death of a loved one, or for exceptional circumstances, you can submit a Request for Deferred Mark electronically using the online form. Please note that a supporting document must be submitted for each request (i.e. medical certificate, death certificate, etc.). This form applies solely for undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Request for Deferred Mark form

All requests must be submitted within five working days of the date of the examination or final assignment deadline. Should extenuating circumstances prevent you from doing so, submit your online request and write to (Title: Deferred Mark – Extenuating Circumstances) with details on the situation.

All deferred final exams for undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Arts will take place during the exam period for deferred and supplemental examinations. The specific dates are found in the university calendar’s Important Dates and Deadlines and the Faculty’s deferred exam schedule.

The student will have to complete such requirements within a maximum of 12 months after the end of the term. If no mark has been filed with the Office of the Registrar twelve months after the end of the course, the DFR symbol will be changed to EIN. (See Regulation 10.6)

Additional Notes

  • Students who write an examination may not appeal their final grades due to one of the reasons mentioned above.
  • Students who write an examination during the period of disability specified on the medical certificate cannot later plead illness to appeal their examination results and/or request a deferred exam.

Deferring a Final Exam for courses in other faculties

Please contact the faculty in question and/or the professor.


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