Philosophy Tutors - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need an appointment to see a philosophy tutor?

Students with an appointment get priority, so it is better to make an appointment.

How long are the appointments?

The appointments are 45 minutes each.

How many appointments can I make per week?

Generally, students are able to book one appointment per week. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring your course notes, your required reading and textbooks, and any exams your professor has returned to you so that you and your tutor can make the most of your time together.

What is the difference between a philosophy tutor and a philosophy teaching assistant (TA)?

Philosophy tutors can help you understand the material you covered in class, but they do not have access to your marks, nor do they grade your work. To discuss your grades, contact your professor or the TA.

Can the philosophy tutors help me with my written assignments?

Philosophy tutors can only help with understanding the course content, not with the structure or writing of your assignment.  

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