Stress management

Maintain your optimal stress level

Cartoon of a stressed student

Certain situations in life cause us stress. However, it is the way we perceive a situation that determines whether it becomes a problem. This means that stressful situations are not all necessarily negative. Just as each person sees a situation from their point of view and has their own coping skills, each one of us reacts to stress in a particular way.

Stress can manifest itself in physical, emotional, mental or behavioural symptoms. Understanding your reaction to stressful situations is the first step towards improving your ability to deal with stress.

  • Take this test  to track how you are feeling and determine your stress level.

If you are stressed by exams, watch the video «10 Tips to Reduce Exam Anxiety» or stop by the Mentoring Centre (Simard Hall, room 125B)! We can offer you advice on how to manage your stress and help you learn different relaxation techniques.  

You can also sign up for our free workshops on stress management and exam preparation or for one of the workshops offered by the Counselling and Coaching Service (SASS).


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