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Your student mentoring centre is still here for you! Send us an email anytime or chat with us (Monday-Friday from 1-4pm) to ask your questions or set up an individual meeting with a mentor.

Messages from the mentors

Looking to get helpful pointers on anything from effective reading to exam preparation, to time management?

  • Meet with a mentor or come to a workshop! We can help you with time and stress management, note taking, reading, memorization, exam preparation and more!

 Looking to enhance your university experience?

  • Consult the Student Guides for an overview of the important things you will need to know during your studies.
  • Apply your studies to real life situations, in ways that benefit the community. Take advantage of the programs offered by the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement!
  • Get involved! Participate in the various university committees. 
  • Contact the Mentoring Centre if you have any questions or concerns, would like to learn more about our services, or on university life!


10 Tips on How to Succeed at University

1 - Know where to find information about university regulations

2 - Get to know the campus and get involved

Connecting with other students will help you stay motivated in your studies.

3 - Get to know the University’s student resources

Not sure how to use the library or how to apply for financial aid? Familiarize yourself with the different services offered at U of O.

4 - Choose a program of study that is right for you

Talk to an Academic Advisor or Academic Assistant if you have questions or concerns regarding your studies or if you need advice.

5 - Don’t forget that being a student is already a full-time job

If you’re interested in working but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the extra hours, check-out the Work Study Program. It offers flexible hours designed just for students.

6 - Improve your study skills

Visit us at the Mentoring Centre to learn more about effective study strategies (note taking, effective reading, exam preparation, and much more!).

7 - Learn to manage stress

Get to know the personal support systems available at U of O or come in and see the mentors to find out more about our stress management workshops and individualized stress management training.

8 - Have a career plan in mind

What kind of work will you do after you graduate? How are you preparing for that now? Visit a career counsellor for help with career planning, resume writing, job search, and more.

9 - Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors

Take advantage of their office hours if you have any questions or concerns regarding the course or the course material.

10 - Don’t wait until it’s too late

Visit us at the Mentoring Centre if you have questions or concerns, if you are looking for a specific service, academic support, or if you just need to talk to someone.

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