Group tutorial sessions offered by philosophy tutors

Students who need help with the topics of PHI1101 are welcome to attend the free tutoring sessions offered by the Philosophy Tutoring Service. A philosophy tutor will give a short explanation of the basics, followed by exercises. Are group tutorials the same as study groups? No, because in these group tutorials we will teach course material, contrary to study groups. What's the best recipe for your success - attend both a study group and group tutorial if you can as they compliment eachother! 

IMPORTANT - The content of these group tutorials is a general review of PHI1101 material. You should always refer to your professor or his/her assistant for specific questions regarding the relevance of the material to the course evaluations.

For more information or to book an appointment with a philosophy tutor, please call us at 613-562-5800, ext. 2687, or email

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