Congratulations to Nathalie Maras for receiving the Support Staff Award of Excellence

Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Author: Aida Stratas

Nathalie Maras

Congratulations to Nathalie Maras for receiving the Support Staff Award of Excellence from the Faculty of Arts. Mme Maras is an Administrative Assistant at the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics. 

Mme Maras is recognized among her peers for providing outstanding support to students and faculty members and is known for her high ethical standards and amazing attitude. Mme Maras has been working with us for four years, since then she proved to be an asset due to her considerable hard work, competence and ability to find solutions to any issue.

She works with a high degree of independence. For example, she makes critical decisions on TA assignments while considering a number of factors such as language of instruction, skill and experience requirements and obligations to students to name a few. She handles matters related to grants and contracts in an effortless and timely manner.  She also responds to emails, prepares minutes, pays bills and meets deadlines with considerable efficiency.

The following are two of numerous comments submitted by her colleagues:

Professor Jackie Dawson: “Nathalie regularly goes above and beyond in our department — from my prespective. She is ALWAYS helpful and kind and makes me feel like nothing is insurmountable. During my field courses she goes above and beyond — she has organized parking permits for me and even run them out to the vans. In a nutshell she makes everything easy and is always so pleasant and wonderful to be around. She always has time. "

Professor Sonia Wesche: “No matter how busy she is, Nathalie ALWAYS makes time to answer questions or provide resources or help, as needed, and she does this with a positive attitude. She is very diligent and detail-oriented, such that I am always confident that the outputs of her work are correct and precise. We are very fortunate to have her supporting all of our work in the department.”

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