Faculty of Arts researchers receive Early Researcher Awards for the first time

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015

Both Jackie Dawson (Assistant Professor) and Denis Lacelle (Associate Professor) from the Department of Geography have accepted the Early Researcher Award. They are among a group of 11 researchers from the University of Ottawa to receive this award in 2015. The award funds new and promising researchers to build a research team to pursue leading-edge research that is crucial to Canada’s innovation future.  Jackie Dawson will receive funding for her project entitled Arctic Marine Use and Transportation (AMUT): Informing Decisions, Governance and Policy, as well as Denis Lacelle for his project entitled Response of Physical and Biogeochemical Processes in Permafrost to Warmer-Wetter Arctic. These researchers are the first from the Faculty of Arts to receive these awards from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.


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