How did you become a journalist at VICE? Q&A with communication alumna Brigitte Noël

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2017

Brigitte Noël

How did your studies lead you to what you are today?

My studies at the University of Ottawa exposed me to many aspects of the communications world, from video editing to public relations, and made me versatile, which has opened many doors for me.  

What made you want to work in your current field?

I did my first report when I was 17, for a French class. It was about an elementary school that was closing in a small village near where I lived. I loved the experience, which got me interested in investigation and made me want to shed light on the world around me. 

Journalism is the perfect job for a super curious person who likes to speak to people, so it seemed like an obvious career choice for me. Spending my life telling stories and meeting inspiring figures every day is truly a dream.  

What knowledge or skills that you gained at the University of Ottawa have been the most useful in the workplace?

While I was doing my BA, I had the chance to get involved in many student associations, which allowed me to make a difference in my community, develop leadership skills and see that my work could have a real impact.


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