Joint creation of a Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Education

Posted on Friday, July 2, 2021


The Institute for Indigenous Research and Studies and the Faculty of Education are pleased to announce the joint creation of a Fulbright Chair in Indigenous Education. This annual award will support a scholar from the United States, who will spend one semester at the University of Ottawa. The Chairholder will be invited to contribute to the activities of the Institute and the Faculty by conducting seminars, participating in guest lectures, meeting with students, contributing to ongoing research initiatives, connecting with local Indigenous communities, and developing partnerships in the area of Indigenous education to share different customs. Chairholders will bring new research and collaboration perspectives and strengthen the existing bonds between the Institute and the Faculty. This exciting initiative contributes to the Faculty’s commitment to Indigenous Rights and the growth of the Institute. We are grateful to the Fulbright Foundation Canada for their support and commitment to these same values. We look forward to welcoming our first Chairholder in 2022.


Richard Barwell, Dean, Faculty of Education

Isabelle Bourgeois, Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Education

Brenda Macdougall, Director, Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies (IIRS), Chair in Métis Research, Faculty of Arts

For more information or to apply:

Research Chairs in Education

Research Chairs in Indigenous Studies 

Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies 

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