Patrick Imbert, Département de français, is awarded the title of Distinguished University Professor

Posted on Sunday, December 1, 2013

Patrick Imbert, full professor in the Département de français, is the latest recipient of the title of Distinguished University Professor of the University of Ottawa.
This distinction, which may only be held by fifteen faculty members at any given time, is awarded to professors in recognition of their exceptional research activities at the University and pre-eminence in their field, in addition to their solid teaching skills.

In the case of Patrick Imbert, his research focuses on social and cultural change in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina, as a result of globalization.
His research analyses various media, such as newspapers, literature, film and Internet sources, to uncover the changing identities of Francophones in the Americas, in Canada, and in Quebec, in light of new technology and the increasingly efficient networking of minds around the globe. His findings show that in an ever-changing world, these communities adopt a multi-faceted and chameleon-like vision of the world that allows them to safeguard and disseminate their identity in this trans-inter-multicultural context.

Patrick Imbert obtained a doctorate in lettres françaises from the University of Ottawa in 1974 and is the current University Research Chair in Canada: Social and Cultural Challenges in a Knowledge-Based Society. He has been Executive Director of the International American Studies Association and President of the Academy of the Arts and Humanities of the Royal Society of Canada from 2009 to 2011. He has published 28 books and 300 articles on transculturalism, inclusion/exclusion, Quebec literature and semiotics. He is very active internationally, and gives seminars in French, English or Spanish in locations such as Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Switzerland.

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