Service Excellence Award at the Office of Undergraduate Studies – A Peer Nomination

Posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Service excellence award
From left to right: Martine Lagacé (Vice-Dean Governance and Secretary), Joanne Kloeble (Academic Assistant), and Jacynthe Pouliot (Supervisor of Academic Services).

This summer, the supervisor of academic services from the Faculty of Arts, Jacynthe Pouliot, established a Service Excellence Award for her team. The winner is determined by a nomination of his or her peers. “The project came from a need to recognize the good work of academic assistants and reiterate the importance of service excellence”, she explains.

The first-ever recipient of this award is Joanne Kloeble. An employee at University of Ottawa since 1988, Joanne Kloeble is Academic Assistant for Undergraduate Studies at the Faculty of Arts. Other than a one-year assignment at the Admissions Office, Joanne has always worked within the Faculty of Arts whether it was with the Department of English, Philosophy, and Linguistics or at the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

The consistent service excellence offered, the positive impact her work has had on students, her positive attitude, her professionalism and productivity has earned her the honor of this award by her colleagues.

Congratulations Joanne!

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