Tyler Gibson is the 2019 winner of the $10,000 RBC Scholarship through the RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tyler Gibson

Tyler Gibson, a communications student, is the 2019 winner of the $10,000 RBC Scholarship through the University of Ottawa's RBC CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program. The result of a partnership between uOttawa’s Co-operative Education Programs and RBC, this program provides financial support for a four-month internship to allow a student admitted into the CO‑OP Program to develop his or her entrepreneurial skills at a start-up company.


Tyler was born and raised here in Ottawa. He is currently in his 3rd year in Communications, but previously completed a two-year marketing program at Algonquin College. From when he began the CO-OP Program, Tyler knew he didn't want a traditional internship experience: “I don’t really enjoy doing a traditional type of job so to speak, I love something a bit less traditional, more dynamic. It’s nice to have more autonomy and freedom to work my way.”


The company that recruited Tyler is called Trualta: a tech enterprise that provides computer support services to families who are caring for a loved one. Its primary goal is thus to support and improve the quality of life of both caregivers and patients themselves, while reducing the burden on the traditional health care system. Tyler was hired for his skills and experience in marketing and communications.


For Tyler, working for a start-up company has its share of advantages, including the freedom he has: “having the ability to work and make your own calls”. He also appreciates the “great culture of collaboration here, where everyone’s expertise is used to solve problems”, and tells us that he’s learning from several experts, especially in the field of public relations. And Tyler loves the stimulating work environment – he can sit in the sun outdoors during the summer or even comfortably on a common couch to work – and he can even enjoy two free coffees a day!


In Tyler’s opinion, his CO-OP experience will be hard to match. Because of the RBC Scholarship, Tyler was able to gain experience at a company that may not have had the means to hire a summer student. And he believes his experience was especially valuable because for a lot of the work that he has done, he has seen tangible results. “It’s very rewarding.”


When asked if this experience made him want to go into business himself, Tyler responded unequivocally: “I’d definitely see myself – maybe not right away but maybe in 10 or 15 years after I’ve gained some expertise – start my own company. I’ll probably jump whenever I get a great idea for a business.” Well Tyler, when this grand business idea is conceived, we will be very proud to have you among the alumni of the Faculty of Arts!


If, like Tyler, you have ambitions for business, consider adding the Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation option to your program at the Faculty of Arts.



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