Build your own bachelor of Arts

Imagine a degree as individual as you

Learn a little about a lot, or a lot about what you love with the most flexible Bachelor of Arts we’ve ever offered. Customize your studies to capture your own unique combination of interests inside the Faculty of Arts or across campus.

Why choose a BA in Arts

Want to keep your options open with a flexible BA program? The BA is the most popular and most flexible BA program in the Faculty of Arts.

It is a fact that many students arrive at university not ready to commit to a specific program of study. Other students begin specific programs and find out that it was not what they wanted.

Come expand your horizons with a BA! Not only do these multidisciplinary programs provide you with a solid general education in a setting known for its vibrancy, but they also let you take a range of courses in Arts-specific fields (fine arts, humanities, languages and literatures) or in other faculties.

You can also do a minor in a specific subject, like foreign languages, art history, music, theatre, communication, history, geography, religious studies or linguistics. The sky is the limit!


Key Features

  • Multidisciplinary program
  • Most flexible BA degree offered
  • Most popular BA program in the Faculty of arts

Key Facts

  • Over 800 students in Faculty of arts are enrolled in the BA
  • The BA has the most course selection flexibility our of any BA Program (covers 24 BA programs)
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