Bachelor of Arts - A world to explore

Why choose a BA in Arts

Want to keep your options open with a flexible BA program? The BA is the most popular and most flexible BA program in the Faculty of Arts.

It is a fact that many students arrive at university not ready to commit to a specific program of study. Other students begin specific programs and find out that it was not what they wanted.

Come expand your horizons with a BA! Not only do these multidisciplinary programs provide you with a solid general education in a setting known for its vibrancy, but they also let you take a range of courses in Arts-specific fields (fine arts, humanities, languages and literatures) or in other faculties.

You can also do a minor in a specific subject, like foreign languages, art history, music, theatre, communication, history, geography, religious studies or linguistics. The sky is the limit!


Key Features

  • Multidisciplinary program
  • Most flexible BA degree offered
  • Most popular BA program in the Faculty of arts

Key Facts

  • Over 800 students in Faculty of arts are enrolled in the BA
  • The BA has the most course selection flexibility our of any BA Program (covers 24 BA programs)
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