Course Sequence - Certificate in Piano Pedagogy 2020

This program is designed for those who do not intend to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Students registered in a bachelor’s program or who have completed the requirements of such a program may not, therefore, be awarded a certificate on the basis of courses taken to meet their bachelor’s degree requirements. Certificate applicants must satisfy the admission requirements for mature applicants. They may be admitted provided they have not been engaged in full-time studies for a period of two years.


MUS3110 Music Education I 3
MUS3111 Music Education II 3
MUS4158 Piano Pedagogy I 3
MUS4159 Piano Pedagogy II 3
MUS4901 Pratique en studio pour pianistes / Studio Practicum for Pianists 3
9 credits from :
MUS3970 Approches musicales pour jeunes élèves / Musical Approach for Young Students 3
MUS4110 Music Education III 3
MUS4302 Selected Topics in Music Education 3
MUS4320 Keyboard Literature I 3
MUS4321 Keyboard Literature II 3
MUS4924 Projet de recherche I / Research Project I 3
6 MUS credits
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