Bsc Major in Physical Geography and Geomatics

Suggested course sequence
60 course units


Year Fall and Winter
1st year
  • GEG1301
  • ITI1120
  • 6 course units from: MAT1320 and MAT1322; or MAT1330 and MAT1332
  • 9 course units from: BIO1130, CHM1311, GEO1111, GEO1115 and PHY1321
2nd year
  • GEG2301
  • GEG2304
  • GEG2320
  • GEG2918
3rd year
  • GEG3105
  • GEG3312
  • 15 course units in GEG at the 3000 or the 4000 level.
    *see below for list of optional courses
4th year
  • GEG4301
  • 3 optional course units at the 4000 level from: GEG4000 (6 units), GEG4001 (6 units), GEG4100 or GEG4921


  • *15 optional course units from: GEG3101, GEG3102, GEG3114, GEG3300, GEG3306, GEG3524, GEG4101, GEG4112, GEG4120, GEG4121, GEG4129, GEG4126
  • Courses with 6 units will count for an additional 3 units towards optional courses


Program Structures
Program Requirements
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