Minor in Environmental Studies (bilingual program)


Suggested course sequence
30 course units


Minor in Environmental Studies (bilingual program)1, 2

Year Fall Winter
1st year    
2nd year
  • BIO1130
  • GEG1301
  • ECO1104
  • ENV1101
3rd year
  • ENV2301
  • 3 course units from: BIO2129, ECO2118 or POL1102 
  • GEG2320
  • 3 course units from: ENV3101, GEG3107, GEG3302 or GEG3303
4th year 
  • 3 course units from: ENV3101, GEG3107, GEG3302 or GEG3303
  • ENV3321


1 This table includes only discipline-specific courses.  (See References - Program Structures)

2 At least 6 course units specific to the program, excluding bilingual courses, must be taken in the second language. 



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