Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The major and minor in medieval and Renaissance studies are interdisciplinary programs whose multi-faceted approach helps students better understand the complexity and richness of medieval civilization. In addition to courses that provide an introduction to medieval civilization, the programs include a number of courses in history, classical studies, music, English, English and French literatures, theater, and religious studies.

Undergraduate studies

Graduate studies

The Faculty of Arts offers a collaborative program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the master's level.

This bilingual graduate specialty is unique in Canada and provides a natural follow-up to current undergraduate programs. In addition to encouraging bilingualism and both the French and Anglo-Saxon schools of thought in Renaissance and medieval studies, the program gathers specialists from several disciplines and gives you the opportunity to examine a diversity of cultures and ancient societies of the fourth to seventeenth centuries.

For more information regarding this program of study, please refer to the Office of the Vice-Dean Research website.

Research fields

  • Biblical criticism and modern topics
  • French and Occitan literature of the Middle Ages
  • Gender and sexuality
  • History and trades of the book from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • History of institutions
  • History of reading
  • Late Antiquity to Renaissance literature, religion and philosophy
  • Manuscript culture
  • Medieval and modern theatre
  • Multilingualism and languages in contact
  • Narrative and historiography from Late Antiquity to the Modern Era
  • Production and social use of writing
  • Renaissance Italy
  • Rhetoric and education from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • Troubadour poetry
  • Women writers




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