Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The major and minor in medieval and Renaissance studies are interdisciplinary programs whose multi-faceted approach helps students better understand the complexity and richness of medieval civilization. In addition to courses that provide an introduction to medieval civilization, the programs include a number of courses in history, classical studies, music, English, linguistics, English and French literatures and other disciplines.

Undergraduate studies

Graduate studies

The Faculty of Arts offers a collaborative program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the master's level.

This new graduate specialty is unique in Canada and provides a natural follow-up to current undergraduate programs. In addition to encouraging bilingualism and both the French and Anglo-Saxon schools of thought in Renaissance and medieval studies, the program gathers specialists from several disciplines and gives you the opportunity to examine multiculturalism in the ancient societies of the fourth to seventeenth centuries.

For more information regarding this program of study, please refer to the Office of the Vice-Dean Research website.

Research fields

  • Biblical criticism and modern topics
  • French and Occitan literature of the Middle Ages
  • Gender and sexuality
  • History and trades of the book from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • History of institutions
  • History of reading
  • Late Antiquity to Renaissance literature, religion and philosophy
  • Manuscript culture
  • Medieval and modern theatre
  • Multilingualism and languages in contact
  • Narrative and historiography from Late Antiquity to the Modern Era
  • Production and social use of writing
  • Renaissance Italy
  • Rhetoric and education from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • Troubadour poetry
  • Women writers




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