Second Language Teaching

Second Language Teaching

The programs in second-language teaching (DLS) are offered jointly by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education. Students learn how to teach a second language, in particular French or English. Requirements for teaching a second language in Ontario are available on the Teacher Education webpage of the Faculty of Education, under Prospective Students

After completing the B.A. in Second Language Teaching, students wishing to teach in elementary or secondary schools in Ontario can apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program of the Faculty of Education in order to obtain the Baccalaureate in Education.

The Faculty has created a DLS corridor for students who have completed this program that gives privileged access to all divisions when applying to the Teacher Education Program. Twenty places are thus reserved for these students. They are distributed as follows: 10 for the Primary/Junior Division and 10 for the Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior Divisions.


Master's programs

Aside from the master's in Education and Linguistics, the DLS students can undertake various master's programs after obtaining their BA in DLS. Here are some fields in which some graduates have undertaken a master's: EnglishTranslation and Business Administration (MBA).


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