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The following courses are offered through the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program. They may be taken as part of the option in Jewish Canadian Studies or in conjunction with another program of study.

Unless otherwise indicated below, all courses are open to University students as well as members of the wider community. Community members may register for courses as special students for credit or as auditors. Auditors are authorized to register without obtaining credits and cannot write examinations or submit assignments.

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For a full list of courses offered by the Faculty of Arts, see the Undergraduate Studies Calendar.

The Jewish Canadian Studies course offerings for the 2020-2021 academic year and beyond are found below. Unless indicated, none of our courses have prerequisites and all can be taken as electives.

ENG 3383 / JCS 3383

Jewish Canadian Writers (3 credits)

HIS 2105 / JCS 2105 History of Jews in Canada
HIS 2505/JCS 2505 L'histoire des Juifs du Canada (3 crédits)

HIS 3328

The Holocaust

JCS2301 Jewish Cultures of the World (3 credits)
JCS 3102 Selected Topics in Jewish Canadian Studies (3 credits)
notes: Winter 2021: Jewish Theatre; Fall 2021 Canadian Perspectives on the Holocaust.

SRS 3314


YDD 1901

Introduction to the Yiddish Language and Culture I (not offered 2020-2021)

YDD 1902

Introduction to the Yiddish Language and Culture II (not offered 2020-2021)

YDD 2104

Yiddish Film and Literature (3 credits)

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