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Montreal Yiddish Poet

Pierre Anctil and Vivian Felsen. Jacob Isaac Segal: A Montreal Yiddish Poet and His Milieu. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2017.

Trajectoires Juives Quebec

Trajectoires Juives Au Québec.

La main de Montreal

Saint-Laurent: Montréals Main. 

New Reading Yiddish Montreal

New Readings of Yiddish Montreal / Traduire le Montréal Yiddish. edited by Pierre Anctil, Norman Ravvin and Sherry Simon (University of Ottawa Press, 2007)

Nostalgie et Tristesse

Nostalgie et tristesse, mémoires littéraires du Montréal yiddish / Schreyer vos ikh hob gekent (1982), traduction partielle de l’ouvrage de Sholem Shtern avec présentation et commentaires de Pierre Anctil (Éditions du Noroît, 2006)


Basic Yiddish

Basic Yiddish: A Workbook and a Grammar.

Jewish Roots Canadian Soil

Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Cultural Life in Montreal, 1905-1945.

None is too many and beyond
Guest editor with Antoine Burgand, special issue of Canadian Jewish Studies 24 (2016): “None is Too Many and Beyond: New Research on Canada and the Holocaust”


Translation Yiddish Hebrew

In Your Words: Translations from the Yiddish and the Hebrew.

Word Sonnets

Cusp: Word Sonnets. 

The Old Blue Couch

The Old Blue Couch and Other Stories.

Ricochet: Word Sonnets/Sonets d'un mot.

Ricochet is a bilingual collection of word sonnets by one of the chief innovators of the form, Seymour Mayne. It includes three sequences of pithy and evocative poems that encapsulate moments of sharp perception while also drawing attention to instants of humour that suddenly appear in daily life. Concise and visual in effect, word sonnets are fourteen line poems, with one word per line. The collection also includes a short preface by the poet and an introductory essay by the translator on the challenges of translating word sonnets.


Pluriel: An Anthology of Diverse Voices / Une anthologie, des voix. co‑edited by Seymour Mayne (University of Ottawa Press, 2008)

In shaping this anthology the editors were attracted to the diverse cultural and social responses evident in the work of poets writing in English and French, across Canada and especially in Quebec and other French-speaking regions of the country. Each poem is offered in its original language and in translation.


 Heinz Unger and his Search for Jewish Meaning, 1895-1965 (University of Toronto Press, 2020)


Mahler's Forgotten Conductor: Heinz Unger and his Search for Jewish Meaning, 1895-1965 (University of Toronto Press, 2020)

The orchestral conductor Heinz Unger (1895–1965) was born in Berlin, Germany and was reared from a young age to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. In 1915, he heard a Munich performance of Gustav Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde (“The Song of the Earth”) conducted by Bruno Walter and thereafter devoted the rest of his life to music and particularly to the dissemination of Gustav Mahler’s music. 

This microhistorical engagement explores how the strands of German Jewish identity converge and were negotiated by a musician who spent the majority of his life trying to grasp who he was. Critical to this understanding was Gustav Mahler’s music – a music that Unger endowed with exceptional meaning and that was central to his Jewish identity.  This book sets this exploration of Unger’s “performative ritual” within a biographical tale of a life lived travelling the world in search of a home, from the musician’s native Germany, to the Soviet Union, England, Spain, and finally, Canada.

Neither in Dark Speeches nor in Similitudes



Neither in Dark Speeches nor in Similitudes
Reflections and Refractions Between Canadian and American Jews
(Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2016)

Neither in Dark Speeches nor in Similitudes is an interdisciplinary collaboration of Canadian and American Jewish studies scholars who compare and contrast the experience of Jews along the chronological spectrum (ca. 1763 to the present) in their respective countries. Of particular interest to them is determining the factors that shaped the Jewish communities on either side of our common border, and why they differed. This collection equips Canadian and American Jewish historians to broaden their examination and ask new questions, as well as answer old questions based on fresh comparative data.


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