Research Centres, Institutes and Laboratories

Research Centres

Centre for Research on French Canadian Culture

The Centre for Research on French Canadian Culture (Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française or CRCCF) of the University of Ottawa was founded in 1958 and offers a range of specialized services to the university, faculty and students, as well as the public at large. One of the Centre’s main objectives is the promotion of research on all aspects of French Canadian culture. From its initial focus on literature, the Centre’s orientation and activities have gradually broadened to include all the humanities and social sciences: history, sociology, economics, translation, political science, women’s studies, communication, music, education, linguistics, visual arts, etc.

Research Institutes

Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies

The Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies (IIRS) is uniquely positioned within the Faculty of Arts to serve as a hub for Indigenous-focused research at uOttawa conducted by Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars with close ties to Indigenous communities. At the same time, IIRS offering an undergraduate program in Indigenous Studies and, several graduate level courses in the field in both French and English as well as Algonquin language courses. It has been home to the Chair in Métis Research as well as the Métis Family and Community Research Lab since 2010. 

Research Laboratories
Research Groups

The Faculty of Arts is host to several Research Groups as diverse as the Faculty itself. The objectives of these groups is to create a place for exchanging ideas and an opportunity for interdisciplinary and collaborative research. The following groups have received research funding from the Faculty of Arts via its Interdisciplinary Research Group funding opportunity:

  • Transfer of skills: From music to medicine
  • Impacts of mindfulness on music performance anxiety
  • Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire en gestion des langues (GRIGL)
  • Com&Tech innovation lab
  • Studies in migration
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