Organization of a conference on campus grant

The Research and Publications Committee of the Faculty of Arts and the University of Ottawa offer competitive financing for conferences and workshops on campus.  The maximum contribution from each fund is $3 000 (for a potential total of $6 000) and researchers must be successful at the Faculty level before they can submit an application to the University level for the matching funds.  Please also note that the contribution from the University program is contingent on obtaining additional funding from an external source, preferably a peer-adjudicated grant. These contributions can be used to show University support in applications to SSHRC or other outside agencies.


Eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must be a full-time professor in the Faculty of Arts and a member of the APUO
  • The candidate must be a member of the organizing committee of the conference or workshop
  • Have student participation
  • The conference must be open to all interested qualified researchers
  • Include participants and speakers from the national and/or the international scene.



The application must include the following document (max. 15 pages excluding the checklist), which must be submitted by email in a single pdf document. Any additional pages will be removed from the application.  The Faculty of Arts letter of support will be added before submission to the University for matching funds.

  1. Document checklist
  2. "RE" form, duly completed and signed by the applicant and Department Chair;
  3. A short description of the conference or workshop including the following:
    • The title and theme of the conference/workshop;
    • The need and significance of the conference/workshop for the research area;
    • A description of how the conference/workshop will enhance the visibility of the discipline in research, the uOttawa, its researchers and students;
    • The total number of anticipated participants (students and researchers);
    • The total number of anticipated participants from the National and/or International scene;
    • A draft agenda/Opportunity for the activity;
    • A list of the anticipated speakers, their home institution and their expertise;
    • Proposed deliverables and/or dissemination/publication plans;
    • Overall budget (revenues/expenses) for conference/workshop and budget justifications; and,
    • Projected sources of revenue; (other sources / registration fees revenues / etc.)
  4. Up to date CV (last 8 years) in OCGS or UNIWeb format.

Please ensure that the justification for the funds requested from the Faculty is clear. The application must demonstrate the need for funds from the conference/workshop program relative to other funding available (i.e.: Faculty, external sources, registration fees for the conference, etc.).

Eligible expenses include:

  • administrative costs, travel and subsistence fees for speakers (the University funds cover the subsistence costs of international participants only, for up to two days maximum)
  • room and audio-visual equipment rentals
  • honoraria may not exceed $250 and are covered by Faculty funds only (honoraria are not eligible in the University funds)
  • and the publication of workshop and conference proceedings and other relevant documents (eligible only in the University funds – funds for publication from the Faculty must be requested via the Aid to Publications Program)

Proposal Submission

Applications must be submitted by email in a single PDF document which includes all elements of the proposal in the order listed above. If the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next working day. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Submit applications to:

    Selection criteria:

    The evaluation is based on documentation available in the original application. Applications will be assessed according to the following selection criteria:

    • Quality and importance of the conference/workshop and its contribution to research and scholarship;
    • Soundness of the planning and organization and appropriateness of the Opportunity, presenters and, for workshops, the participants;
    • Adequacy and value of the planned deliverables and dissemination vehicles;
    • Provisions for the involvement of students from the University of Ottawa;
    • Contribution of the conference/workshop to the advancement of research and to enhancing the visibility of University of Ottawa research, researchers and students;
    • Budget and budget justification, including:
      • justification of the proposed budget—its appropriateness, comprehensiveness and clarity, including prospective balancing of expenditures and revenues;
      • extent to which the applicant is pursuing all potential sources of support; and
      • need for funds in relation to other funding available and conference/workshop activities and budgets.


    Competition dates:

    The dates for the competitions at the Faculty of Arts are April 1, September 15 and December 1.

    For more information, contact Kelly-Anne Maddox.

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