Policy 94

Policy 94 is designed to help mitigate the effects of family responsibilities (births, care of children, spousal or parental care) on the career of women professors, whether work interruptions have been incurred or not. The professor must demonstrate in her request that the proposed project will enhance her future career development. The Committee suggests that the applicant evaluates her actual career path needs (publication of articles, research, teaching) and clearly identifies those needs while explaining how this project is timely in her career. The maximum grant awarded under this program is equivalent to the cost of replacing the professor in a three-credit course.

The following documents must accompany the application:

The Committee favours projects which have merit but might not meet the requirements of other granting agencies. However, requests for funding of computer equipment and the purchase of books or journals will not be accepted. In the case of requests for second-language training, faculties are asked for matching funds, up to a total maximum of $2,000.

Applications should be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean (Research) which will forward them to Research Services. The deadline for applications is usually at the end of January of each year. Results are announced in early March. For further information, contact the Office of the Vice-Dean Research.

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