Research Chairs

Canada Research Chair

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    Lori BEAMAN
    Canada Research Chair in Religious Diversity and Social Change
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    Jackie DAWSON 
    Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy
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    Shana POPLACK 
    Canada Research Chair in Linguistics


University Research Chair

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    Luke COPLAND 
    University Research Chair in Glaciology
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    Chad GAFFIELD 
    University Research Chair in Digital Scholarship
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    Marie-Josée HAMEL  
    OLBI University Chair in New Technologies and Computer Assisted Language Learning
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    Patrick IMBERT 
    University Research Chair in Socio-Cultural Changes in Canada
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    France MARTINEAU 
    University Research Chair on language and migration in French America
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    Catherine RICHARDS 
    University Research Chair in arts, emotions and new technologies


Research Chairs in Canadian Francophonie

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    Lucie HOTTE 
    Research Chair on Canadian Francophone Cultures and Literatures


Endowed and Sponsored Research Chairs

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