Biography of the Vice-Dean Research

A member of uOttawa’s Geography Department, Brian Ray’s research generally revolves around the ways in which people organize their everyday lives in multi-ethnic cities. Brian’s research interests are numerous and include discrimination, racism and anti-racism in Canada, evolving linguistic landscapes in Ottawa-Gatineau, housing affordability and homeownership among refugees and immigrants, homelessness, gender inequality, social networks, and the geographic dimensions of employment in large metropolitan areas. Brian’s most recently funded research projects include:

  • The Toronto Second Generation Project: A study examining the social mobility of the Canadian-born children of immigrants (i.e., the second generation) who live in Toronto. Co-investigator: Valerie Preston, York University.
  • Queering the Suburbs: A project tracing the dynamic social geographies of LGBTQ2S households and individuals living in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal. Co-investigators: Alison Bain (York University) and Julie Podmore (John Abbott College).
  • Ottawa-based projects associated with the Migration and Resilience in Urban Canada / Immigration et resilience en mileu urbain, a SSHRC-funded Partnership Grant. Brian is also a member the MRUC/IRMU Knowledge Mobilization Committee.

Brian arrived at the University of Ottawa in July 2004 after several years in the United States where he worked in Washington (DC) at the Migration Policy Institute as a researcher/policy analyst. Brian’s work at MPI focused on immigrant integration issues in the United States, Europe and Canada. Prior to working at MPI, Brian was a senior analyst with the Metropolis Project and the Strategic Planning, Policy and Research Division (Department of Citizenship and Immigration), the Research Manager at the National Secretariat on Homelessness, and a professor at McGill University in Montréal.

Role of the Vice-Dean of Research

The vice-dean research assists the dean in the administration of the Faculty. He or she is a member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty and of Faculty Council.

More specifically, the vice-dean research is responsible for:

  • promoting research in the Faculty of Arts and enhancing the quality of research and its dissemination;
  • supporting researchers in the development of research facilities, research centres and research chairs;
  • informing Faculty staff of new and existing financing initiatives;
  • helping researchers to submit grant applications by providing information and logistical support;
  • proposing the nomination of teaching staff for internal and external competitions and awards;
  • chairing the Faculty's Research and Publications Committee;
  • strengthening relations between the Faculty and learned societies;
  • serving as a liaison officer between the Faculty and the Office of the Vice-President, Research;
  • serving as an ex-officio member of the University of Ottawa Research Commission;
  • advising the dean on all matters concerning research activities;
  • supporting the development of international research;
  • carrying out all other duties assigned to him or her by the dean.
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