Study Groups

Do you need help understanding concepts in lectures and want to meet with peers to discuss and prepare for midterms and exams? Or are you feeling confident about the course material and wish to further test your knowledge to see if you are on the right track? If so, join the study groups offered by us, the student mentors at the Faculty of Arts!

The groups will be facilitated by the mentors in an informal and relaxed environment designed for you to connect with your peers. Are study groups tutoring sessions? No, because we do not teach course content but rather help you gain the tools needed to understand it! You will help each other grasp the material, learn effective study methods, and make new friends in the process!

Our study groups will be happening online via Microsoft Teams. 

For more information, contact the Student Mentors via email at

Below you will find the courses for which we are offering study groups this term and their respective MS Teams links! Please note that we do not record our study groups.

CMN1148 A00 - Join here
CMN1160 B00 - Join here
CMN1560 WB00 - Join here
ENG2110 B00 - Join here
ENV1101 B00 - Join here
FRA1746 A00 - Join here
GEG1302 A00 - Join here
GEG1702 A00 - Join here
HIS1120 B00 - TBD
HIS1111 C00 - Join here
HIS1511 A00 - Join here
LIN1315 C00 - Join here
LIN2310 A00 - Join here
LIN2710 A00 - Join here
PHI1101 L00 (Hosseini) - Join here
PHI1101 M00 (Nyvlt) - Join here
PHI1501 E00 (Le Blanc) - Join here
PHI1502 A00 & B00 (Daoust) - Join here

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