Creative Writing Minor - Recommended Course Sequence

First Year

ENG 2301 The Writing Process
(if possible, otherwise this course must be taken in second year)

3 credits (1 course) of English at the 2000 level.

Second Year

ENG 2301 The Writing Process (if not taken in first year)

6 or 9 credits (2 or 3 courses) from:

ENG 2303 Introduction to Writing Prose Fiction
ENG 2304 Introduction to Writing Poetry
ENG 2305 Introduction to Writing Creative Non-fiction
ENG 2306 Introduction to Writing for Stage and Screen
ENG 2307 Writing with Visuals: An Introduction
ENG 2370 Writing for Digital Media I: Fundamentals of Digital Literacy

Note: students are required to cover 3 separate genres over the course of the minor. Make sure you get the necessary prerequisites at the 2000 level for desired 3000 level courses. Note, too, that you will need to get 6 credits of optional English courses at some point over the course of your degree.

Third Year

If needed, complete remaining required credits at 2000 level.

6 or 9 credits (2 or 3 courses) from:

ENG 3164 Advanced Workshop in Poetry
ENG 3170 Writing for Digital Media II
ENG 3303 Advanced Workshop in Prose Fiction
ENG 3305 Advanced Workshop in Creative Non-fiction
ENG 3306 Advanced Workshop in Scriptwriting
ENG 3307 Advanced Workshop in Comics and Graphic Fiction
ENG 4397 Advanced Workshop in Creative Writing: Selected Genres

3 course units (1 course) of optional English at 2000 or 3000 level

Fourth Year

If needed, complete remaining advanced workshop requirements. If needed, complete remaining optional English credits.

3 course units (1 course) from*:

ENG 3105 Book History : Theories and Methods
ENG 3107 Literature and Visual Culture: Theories and Approaches ENG 3111 Poetics
ENG 3112 Narrative Genres : Theories and Approaches
ENG 3375 Critical Theory

*English Major and English Honours Students can count the following courses towards this requirement : ENG 2303, ENG 2304, ENG 2305, ENG 2306, ENG 2307 ENG 2370, ENG 3164, ENG 3170, ENG 3303, ENG 3305, ENG 3306, ENG 4397.


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