Q and A and Reading with Jo Walton

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jo Walton is a Montreal-based writer whose work spans the genres of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, poetry, and literary criticism. Among Others (2010) won the two most prestigious prizes for Science Fiction, the Hugo and Nebula Awards. My Real Children (2013),  a realist novel about alternate realities, reduced Boing Boing’s Corey Doctorow to “weeping uncontrollably with the most astounding mixture of joy and sorrow.” Her most recent work, The Just City (2014), is set in a utopian educational community organized by the time-travelling goddess Pallas Athene. Join us for readings from Jo’s novels, as well as discussion of the porousness of generic boundaries, the flexibility of cultural hierarchies, the power of libraries, the magic of reading, and much more besides.

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