Part-time Professor

2006 – PhD, English, McGill University; 2000 – MA, English, University of Toronto; 1999 – BA, English and History, University of Victoria

Work E-mail:

Gefen Bar-On Santor


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My research in literature and science focuses on the influence of Newtonianism on the reception of Shakespeare in the eighteenth century, when Shakespeare was celebrated as a genius who depicted the principles of human nature.  I am also writing about the lasting contribution to science of AIDS literature in the context of the evolution of HIV from a killer to a manageable chronic illness.  I am writing an article about Milton: “Learning transfer challenges in Paradise Lost: internet overuse, credit card debt and totalitarianism.”  In children’s literature, I explore the function of simplicity in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s creative development in light of present-day parenting debates.  I am planning to develop a website with literary workbooks for children.  I am also working on two creative projects: a play that brings Hamlet into dialogue with Paul Monette and a novel that explores the connections between totalitarianism and status-building in free society. 

University degrees

2006 – PhD, English, McGill University

2000 – MA, English, University of Toronto

1999  BA, English and History, University of Victoria

Fields of interest

  • Science and literature
  • Eighteenth-century and early-modern literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Milton
  • Children’s literature
  • Creative writing


2008  Part-time Professor, University of Ottawa, Department of English


2007-2008 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship.

2004-2006 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship.

Selected publications

“Shakespeare in the Georgian Playhouse." The Oxford Handbook of the Georgian Theatre, 1737-1832. Ed. David Francis Taylor. 2014. 213-228.

Essays on Edward Capell, Richard Farmer, Robert Lowth, Edmond Malone and George Steevens in Eighteenth-Century Literary Scholars and Critics, the Dictionary of Literary Biography series. Ed. Frans De Bruyn. 2010.

“The Culture of Newtonianism and Shakespeare’s Editors: From Pope to Johnson.”  Eighteenth-century Fiction 21(4): 593-614.

“Looking for Hidden Laws in Shakespeare: The Mystifying Case of Hamlet.” Shakespeare and the Eighteenth Century.Eds. Peter Sabor and Paul Yachnin. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2008. 151-164.

“The Need to Adapt: Burney’s Enactment of Shakespearean Tragedy in her Novels, with a Focus on Cecilia.”  The Burney Journal  8 (2005): 46-55.

“Benigni’s life-affirming lie: La vita è bella as an aesthetic and moral response to the Holocaust.”  Beyond Life is Beautiful: Comedy and Tragedy in the Cinema of Roberto Benigni.  Ed. Grace Russo Bullaro. Leicester, England: Troubador Publishing, 2005.  179-200.

“Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen.”  The Encyclopaedia of Modern Drama.  Eds. Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn.  Columbia University Press.  Forthcoming.

Entries on Edward Capell, Richard Farmer, Robert Lowth, Edmond Malone and George Steevens for Eighteenth-Century Literary Scholars and Critics, The Dictionary of Literary Biography series.  Ed. Frans De Bruyn.  Forthcoming.


English 1112 (Technical Report Writing)

English 1122 B: Literature and Composition III (English Literature before 1700)

English 2151 (Literature and Sciences)

English 3133 (Elizabethan Shakespeare)

English 3134 (Jacobean Shakespeare)

English 3323 (Medieval Literature)

English 3339 (Sixteenth-Century Literature)

English 3340 (Seventeenth-Century Literature)

English 3341 (Eighteenth-Century Literature)

English 3356 (Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Fiction)


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