PhD Candidate

PhD English Literature, University of Ottawa (2018-present)
MA English & Cultural Studies (English Literature stream), McMaster University (2017-2018)
BA English Literature, University of British Columbia (2012-2015)

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Creative Writing at Knox College, Illinois (2010-2012)

BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia (2012-2015) 

MA in English & Cultural Studies from McMaster University (2017-2018) 

PhD in English Literature at the University of Ottawa (2018 – present)  

My academic interests include literary theory and moral philosophy, particularly the intersections of art and ethics, and (for lack of a better word) post-postmodernism. I’m drawn to the renewed interest in judgment and evaluation in literary studies, as recently explored by Michael Clune, and to questions about how our value systems drive our identities, our subjectivities, and our art-making.  

Current Research

Towards an Aesth/Ethics: Bridging the Ethical and Aesthetic Turns in 21st Century Criticism

21st century literary criticism has been described in terms of two streams of thought: on the one hand is the ‘ethical turn,’ a renewed concern with the moral value of literature and the relevance of art to social issues; on the other hand is the ‘aesthetic turn,’ a renewed interest in aestheticism and formalist criticism. Making sense of these parallel developments in criticism calls for an updated understanding of how ethical value and aesthetic value overlap within the current scholarship. To this end, my dissertation is a meta-critical inquiry into how 21st century literary and cultural criticism understands ethical value, aesthetic value, and the continuities between the two. How do contemporary critics approach the apparent disjunction between creative freedom and moral necessity? The purpose of the project is to move towards an “aesth-ethical” criticism that could resolve the long-standing antinomy between formalist and ethicist modes of valuing literature and the arts. 

Fields of Interest

Literary Theory
Aesthetics and Ethics
American Literature
Moral Philosophy

Scholarships and Awards

2018: PhD Admission Scholarship (University of Ottawa)
2017: MA Admission Scholarship (McMaster University) 
2015: Roy Daniells Memorial Prize (University of British Columbia) 


“Finding a Place for the Subject: Rereading Place in Early to Modern Canadian Criticism.” Studies in Canadian Literature. Accepted for publication in an upcoming issue. 

Conference Presentations

“Risking the Future: Ethics & Episteme in Risk Criticism.” Do We Have A Future?: Cognition, Speculation, and (Dis)Connection. Carleton University. 25 April 2020. Rescheduled due to the quarantine.

“Signs & Significance: An Ethical-Semiotic Case for Literary Exchange.” Literary Exchanges. McGill University. 16 February 2018. 



Fields of Interest

  • Literary theory; modernism and postmodernism; aesthetics and ethics; American pragmatism; American literature
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